Why 'Wii HD' Just Won't Happen

It seems like IG can't look around for news about the Wii without someone talking about the Wii HD. Some even think Nintendo's going to add a Blu-ray drive. Analyst Michael Pachter has been beating the Wii HD drum for a while and now he thinks Nintendo has missed the boat. Regardless of timing, IndustryGamers is here to tell you it's just not going to happen and why.

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donniebaseball2831d ago

Part of me wishes it would happen, but I tend to agree with this piece. It just doesn't seem to square with the Nintendo philosophy.

Dramscus2831d ago

A few years back I read that the emotiv headset company were talking with nintendo about licensing the technology.

They have tech demo's of the technology at work in various game demo's made by the company. thats the site for anyone that doesn't know about it.

It's already released to the public as a stand alone concept for use with pc's. I think it's a likely direction for nintendo to go after motion.

Active Reload2831d ago

The only way I see it not happening, is if they decide to not call it Wii. But I do think the next Nintendo console will be HD.

RockmanII72831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )


I would cry

Samus HD2831d ago

The “Next Wii” Will Be So Much More (true)

Shoko2831d ago

Great article.

Its too late for a Wii HD anyways. Next year will be 5 years the Wii has been on the market. That's usually the amount of time it takes for a new console to come out. I beleive the 360 and PS3 will last longer though, since they're are far more powerful and can do much more through updates, but the Wii doesn't have this luxury.

donniebaseball2831d ago

@shoko, exactly, at this point Nintendo is better off focusing on the real successor to Wii and they've probably been doing that internally anyway for a couple years now at least.

frankymv2831d ago

So we are just going to have a standard def wii for years to come?

I think I'm going to throw up.

Fishy Fingers2831d ago

Well the lack of HD has hardly hampered Nintendo, I'm sure whatever they bring out next will be HD compatible, but I doubt it'll just be a Wii update, either way, it'll no doubt be a success, perhaps even so much so, it'll influence the others (MS/Sony) once again.

Fingers crossed this time Nintendo revolutionise gaming with a new piece of equipment called a "pad".

AWBrawler2831d ago

i'll never understand your kind

ElementX2831d ago

LOL, Wii HD. I never thought Wii HD would happen, I just assumed that Nintendo would release a new console. Why write an article about something people never thought would happen? I've never heard talk of a Wii HD, simply a new Nintendo console.

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The story is too old to be commented.