League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth & Dota 2: It’s Getting Crowded writes: "Earlier this week, Valve not-so-surprisingly announced DOTA 2, the sequel to the most popular Warcraft III custom map ever created. The success of the mod, which was itself based on an earlier concept from StarCraft, spawned an entirely new sub-genre, the action-RTS/RPG or MOBA. Companies high and low latched on to the concept and have added, or hope to add, their two cents to the mix. Gas Powered Games released Demigod in early 2009, Riot Games released League of Legends in late 2009 and S2 Games released Heroes of Newerth in mid 2010, just to name a few.

Every game named above has made a direct reference to the original DotA Allstars, with Demigod being the only game to dramatically alter a few of the core concepts. Some titles have even had the original developers pinned to the project as designers, consultants, or project leads. As you might expect, this has lead to products that mirror each other in many respects, but possess key differences."

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