N4G's Killzone 3 Interview with Steven ter Heide

N4G's Cathlin (a.k.a. Catastrophe) had a chance to talk with Steven about Killzone 3, if they're borrowing snow from Naughty Dog, and what it's like designing a control scheme with Move.

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SmokeyMcBear2893d ago

so really... is it the snow from uncharted or not... answer me!

Incipio2893d ago

Why do you always put "..." in all your comments?

Anyways, it's nice to see something actually come outta N4G besides reviews lol.

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SmokeyMcBear2893d ago

haha, i didnt even moderate that comment. have a good time out though.

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Incipio2893d ago

My comment was actual curiosity, lol...harvey and bestmate are just plain old trolls

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Cloudberry2893d ago

"CS: The water is really nice, you get that snow from Uncharted?

StH: [laughs] Yeah, we borrowed this from Uncharted. The next Uncharted will have that water."


So Guerilla Games borrow the snow from Uncharted, and the next Uncharted would have Killzone 3's water???

That's awesome.

I hope Uncharted 3 would be in Atlantis.

Hideo_Kojima2892d ago


"I noticed all the fans have been saying, “Oh, they’ve got snow! I’ve seen the snow level from Killzone! They must be using the Uncharted snow!” That’s not exactly how it works. We do not go over to Naughty Dog and say, “Okay, we’d like a barrel of snow please!”, it doesn’t work that way"

Great article makes me wish I worked for GG, Santa Monica or Naughty Dog.

Kleptic2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago ) I can't stop doing it either...its that awesome...

but guntrol's comment hit I think...procedural layer manipulation or whatever the tech is called is simply a type of rendering that the PS3 is apparently pretty good with...To my knowledge the first motorstorm was the first title to really use it, for effects in the mud...Its not decaling, it actually has geometry and effects lighting accordingly...the snow in Uncharted 2 was sort of the next step in that direction (also MGS4 did the exact same thing in Act IV iirc)...And killzone 3 is using it also...

first party development probably shares some tools for manipulating this affect across different titles...and they probably all researched and created the toolsets together...its no secret that SCE has a massive network of shared tools for renderer i doubt its strictly Naughty Dog's work, and others have to 'borrow' it...they probably all had something to do with making it work properly on the PS3...

Same thing with god of war III, which used lighting effects that had only been seen in killzone 2 otherwise so far...and Santa Monica didn't 'steal it' from GG...they probably were helping work with it at the same time god of war III and killzone 2 were in development...each proprietary engine an SCE studio creates uses tools and code that are shared with other engines...they are not all different from the ground up, its just some are much more advanced than others overall...

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BannedForNineYears2893d ago

Yes, bucket by bucket, they brought the snow from Uncharted 2 to Killzone 3.

Dr-Zoidberg2893d ago

Drake: Who the hell are you?

Sev: Uh just come to borrow your snow

Drake Oh ok then

Dr-Zoidberg2893d ago

Well Naughty Dog borrowed KZ skins so it is only fair they get buckets of snow in return

ico922893d ago

i love how ps3 devs are competing against each other to make the better product in the end the gamers are gonna win

kaveti66162893d ago

I agree, but I've read this very statement verbatim maybe 10 times.

iPad2893d ago

10 bubbles ?!?! whaaaaaaaaaaaat

IHateYouFanboys2893d ago


ive never understood all the PS3 fanboys obsession with the snow in Uncharted 2? its nothing we havent seen a million times before. its just the regular footprint texture left where your feet touch the ground, and a bit of basic 3D snow gets shuffled around on your feet, then promptly disappears. the actual snow on the ground doesnt deform or move out of the way, so im really struggling to understand why people think its so revolutionary?

games back on the PS2 had better snow effects - virtua fighter had snow on one level that actually deformed and moved in response to players walking through it and jumping on it. the snow in Uncharted 2 is just a ground texture, then they throw some extra polygons on around Drakes feet to give the impression that the snow is deforming, when its actually not.

Strange_Evil2893d ago

"games back on the PS2 had better snow effects"...

The Fail is strong in this 1... That is why every media outlet praised UC2 for it's spectacular snow effect... Play UC2 and then comment.

cyborg69712893d ago

You obviously live on the equated cause you have no idea what your talking about. The snow in uc2 are spot on. I should know I live in Minnesota. And I'm downloading the beta as I type. Can't wait.

IHateYouFanboys2893d ago

ive completed Uncharted 2, have the trophies to prove it too.

Uncharted 2 doesnt have spectacular snow effects. the only thing good about it is how the snow builds up on the character, but thats not snow effects thats just character modelling.

Strange_Evil and cyborg6971 - please tell me whats so spectacular about U2s snow effects. its not dynamic or interactive, and doesnt react to your character walking/diving through it. im genuinely curious as to what you think is so great about it.

Shadow Flare2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

I honestly don't see the fuss about uncharted 2s snow. Before the game came out, naughty dog said they wanted to make a snow effect as good as the water effect in uncharted 1. Now the water effect is mind blowing and is still the best water effect I've seen. So I had high hopes for the snow. But compared to the water it's not good at all. You play the game and look for yourself. I remember playing the beta and my first reaction was, "geez, that's the snow? I hope they fix that". Because as you walk throughout it, all that happens is white spheres appear where you've stepped. White spheres just appear around your feet when you walk, and that's supposed to be the snow moving about. It isn't brilliant. I was expecting it to be more like the snow in the trailer

That's just my honest opinion. Not to take anything away from the game because it's amazing and graphically the best I've seen on consoles

SuperM2892d ago

The snow effect in UC2 is better then the water effect in UC1. UC1 water we have actually seen in other games. In no game have i ever seen as good snow as in UC2. If you dont get it then you: a) Have really poor eyesight or b) have no idea what snow looks like, and probably also c) have no idea how hard it is to make snow look great.

Shadow Flare2892d ago

SuperM, insult me, why dont you

I'm just saying the water tech in this:

impressed me more the first time i saw it then the snow tech in this the first time i saw it:

I didn't say it was bad, and i can imagine how hard it must be to make lifelike snow, but i was blown away more by the water then the snow the first time i saw each of them. Am i allowed to have an opinion superm?

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tacosRcool2892d ago

Anyways the game will look amazing anyways!

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ubiquitious2893d ago ShowReplies(1)
BornToKill2893d ago

don't forget about the Killzone 3 theme today guys.

seij5552893d ago

Shit don't remind them.

HeavenlySnipes2893d ago ShowReplies(1)
Jac5al2893d ago

What time does the us ps store on the east coast usually goes live?

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