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Brixxer6002646d ago

2 Teams
4 Minutes
No Respawn


wohoo2646d ago

Indeed. Glad to see devs trying to come up with something more original.

STICKzophrenic2646d ago (Edited 2646d ago )

I'm sure there were other games, but Gears of War comes to mind first...

Static-X2646d ago

This is just like Search And Destroy on COD, How's this original?

HSx92646d ago (Edited 2646d ago )

the game came out barely like a week ago and we already have map packs? BS, more like EA is milking consumers by hiding the content in disk, and making you pay $$ to unlock it.

This better be free.

sickbird2646d ago

@hsx9 its free bone head.

raztad2646d ago

It is free. The catch is: you need a code that comes with the game, not second hand then.

Trunkz Jr2646d ago

Then stop being cheap and buy the game new, geez I'm sure you won't miss eatting that one mcdonalds meal that month

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ChronoJoe2646d ago


Elim is a game mode you can take seriously, but how can you take it seriously, within a game which lets you aim assist through walls, freezes up occasionally when friends go off/online. Has super strong aim assist to centre of mass... etc.

Bit of a joke imo. lol

duplissi2646d ago

well, ive got a pretty good solution for the aim assist....

TURN IT OFF. you will find that it will make you better!

ChronoJoe2645d ago

How will it make me better, when with it on the glitch enables me to, in effect; see through walls?

It's not broken in a way that hurts you, it's just sooo freaking easy with it on. Not gonna make me better with it off, I assure you. Especially with Deadzones like MoH has.

NoBias2646d ago

I wanted something like this so bad. This is pretty much SOCOM style of play. Makes people play completely different as well as smarter.

Can't freaking wait!

Spenok2646d ago

I fully agree. I simply cant wait. This looks awesome. Not only that but its FREE!!!

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foss32646d ago

been waiting for this.. i've enjoyed MoH so far.. a lot more than I thought i would based on all the pre-release hate.

personally the most recent game that I got that sucked was Dead Rising 2. I really regret that purchase.

Corepred42646d ago

gamefly is your friend.

KillerPwned2646d ago

O yes gamefly i love that gotta join it again soon.

Ju2646d ago (Edited 2646d ago )

Great. /s Especially with the online voucher. No rent for MoH, me thinks. Will lock it to the first one who types in the online code. Don't care. Got my personal copy. Bad luck for second hand or rental.

raztad2646d ago

it has to. The game is sorely lacking in content.

kenkaniff2646d ago

Looks intense. The 4 min time limit eliminates camping

solar2646d ago

ha. no, it wont. who is want to run out and die, and wait 3 and a half minutes til the next round? especially most console gamers.

ChronoJoe2646d ago

Yup. Last player will just hide in a bush for the remainder of the game, rather than trying to take out the rest of the team. Happens on Gears of War all the time. Usually find the guy but they waste so much time.

NoBias2646d ago

I'm sure whoever has the most players on the team at the end of the round will win. Otherwise the mode would be completely broken.

I don't think they're that stupid.

Besides, what do you think SOCOM? People are hyped for that game. SOCOM revolves around no Respawn modes. Respawn and Deathmatch stuff are for n00bs and n00bs alone.

solar2646d ago

@ ChronoJoe

DICE said they took prone out of BC2 because of the "camper effect" it caused on consoles. the game play of MoH screamed "camper" in the beta.

plus, this game type isnt anything new. CS did it YEARS ago.

ChronoJoe2645d ago

And other games did it years before CS, Solar.


Can't work like that either, else the best solution for the remaining players becomes to camp, forcing the last player into the open, to his death, or hiding and losing... lose/lose either way.

Call of Duty only has search and destroy with an objective to stop people camping/hiding, providng the games some focus, and an alternate means of winning the round if the enemy is just going to be camping at their spawn.

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