Killzone 3 Limited and Collectors Editions

Guerilla Games has listed on the official Killzone website, a Limited Edition and a Collectors Edition as well as the Standard Edition for Killzone 3. What's included in each specific edition doesn't seem to be clear at this time, as the information on the site isn't really complete. I'm sure the final content inclusions will be revealed in due time, as will where you can get them from.

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Prcko2769d ago

gonna preorder this!!

Treezy5042769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

thanks for crediting :D this is going to be an awesome pick up

Lifendz2769d ago

Might be the first collector's edition I ever get.

Treezy5042769d ago

@Prcko same here dude those goggles are going to be sweet :D

chidori soukou2769d ago

omg i want the remake of killzone 1 in HD.

Lifendz2769d ago

that would be effing awesome. Maybe include the PSP game as well.

avengers19782769d ago

Already pre-order KZ3. I'm wondering if they will have a KZ3 special edition PS3(say 320 gigs) I might pick that up.

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Karooo2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

in CE for kz3.

Raf1k12769d ago

They're goggles. A helmet would be better but goggles are cool too when they're Helghast ones.

hesido2769d ago

Imagine that 3d glass tech was cheap.. The helghast goggles could back up as 3d shutter glasses :D

You'd see the game reddish tho :)

Lifendz2769d ago

I like getting in-game items that only people that bought a certain edition can get.

LordMarius2769d ago

bought, Bought, BOUGHT!!!!!!!!

DrewPays2769d ago

Nothing more i like than a lil goggle rape

Lucreto2769d ago

I need more information before deciding.

Are the goggles real or for the game?
What is the $10 voucher for?

Lesh04302769d ago

I'm sure this info will come out sooner or later. At the moment there's not much on it.

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The story is too old to be commented.