Gamesradar: Vanquish Review

Gamesradar: "Vanquish is fun. Ridiculously fun. A cover-centric, Gears of War-influenced shooter that pokes fun at that game’s grunting, gore-soaked manliness while melding it with a shiny, distinctly Japanese vision of the spaceship-and-robot-filled future, Vanquish distinguishes itself early on by being extremely fast and frantic, hurling dozens of enemies and bullets and huge, crashing set-pieces at you and daring you not to run for cover."

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fallingdove2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Interesting how polarized the reviews have become. Its either an 8/9 or a 4/5. The feature(or lack there-of)that seems to be the deciding factor is the length.

I finished it yesterday and am playing through a second time - I would give it an 8 only because the story could have been so much more. Fantastic game overall.

fallingdove2708d ago

It took me about 5 hours. I could have easily rushed through it in 4 but I had fun messing around with different strategies and attack combinations.

SexyPrawns2708d ago

Took me 8 hours on my first play-through. (I played it on normal difficulty.)

Bathyj2708d ago

Which is about normal for any game now days.

But I think alot of us probably suspected that anyway.

jc485732708d ago

it took me 10 hours on Enslaved and I had a blast with that game just as much as I'm doing with Vanquish.

jc485732708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

This game makes you play with style or else you die. This is what happens when you're no longer working for Capcom and you're simply off the hook to create whatever crazy game you have in mind.

Bathyj2708d ago

How did Gears influence this game again?

Oh, thats right, Gears INVENTED the cover system.

Do I really need a forward slash and a big S for you to recognise sarcasm.

I was playing Psi Ops yesterday. PS2 game. Dont know if youve played it. Just another last gen example of the mechanic many apparently never saw til Epic used it.

fallingdove2708d ago

I agree that Gears shouldn't get all the credit for the cover system, games like Metal Gear and even Space Invaders used cover. Gears DID popularize and streamline the cover mechanic though and for that it can be congratulated.

At this point every mechanic has been explored in some fashion. - Game design at this point is really combining various complimentary successful mechanics to make a solid product. Vanquish did a good job with this.

Bathyj2708d ago

Thank you, thats all I'm saying. Many games did the cover system before Gears, some even did it well.

I particularly remember Everything or Nothing, one of the only good James Bond games. Cover and body specific targeting. Good game. All Gears did is refine the idea or tweak, if you will.

jc485732708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

There was also that namco game that used the cover system mechanic, but I don't remember the name. heck that game was only 7 hours too.