PC Gamer Gives FFXIV 30% Review Score

The UK PC magazine, PC Gamer, has gone live with their review of Square Enix' upcoming MMO, Final Fantasy XIV Online, and the results aren't good.

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darkcharizard2856d ago

Flop of the Year - confirmed.

EvilBlackCat2856d ago

aaaaahhhhhh!!!! i remember all this fools hyping this game when was confirmed that it was also for PS3 and not for xbox360.

aaaaahhhhhhh the hype ps3 fanboys machine!!!

Seijoru2856d ago

Who exactly are you talking about? No one was hyping ff14 that much. Most of us are hyping versus 13 though.

kaveti66162856d ago

Square Enix will probably work hard to make this game better on the PS3, so I don't think you should be jumping the gun just yet.

supersonicsaga2856d ago

It got delayed on ps3. Why would ps3 fanboys hype it up?

jmallymav2856d ago

bcz gran turismo 5 is getting hyped lika a mug on n4g
and that gets delayed

MonkeyBoy922856d ago

Absolute nightmare! Square who??

YoungKingDoran2856d ago

you have ONE shot left at our hearts squareenix. if versus fails, you are done.

Handhelds_FTW2856d ago

FF14 should have never been released in its current form.

I think somewhere in the cooperate bureaucracy someone was yelling.

"Quickly, we have to get this out before WOW's Cataclysm expansion, go go go"

Which is completely and utterly absurd. The game has FINAL FANTASY in the title, this game is probably one of the few franchise that doesn't need to worry about WOW or any other MMO.

Did anyone even stop to think that the name ALONE guarantees an automatic number of a loyal player base.

Of course they might have, and it's probably the primary reasons they decided to release it the way it is, because they knew people would bite regardless.

I'm sure the common sense FF fans feel very disappointed.

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