Medal of Honor Multiplayer Noob Tips: Getting to Tier 1 Fast writes: "Medal of Honor is out now, and unlocking the best weapons, equipment, and facial hair in the frantic online component is priority one. We’ve spent time in the trenches as U.S. soldiers and unleashed mortar strikes with the Taliban Opposing Force to discern the quickest, easiest ways to rack up scorechains and earn the coveted 'Tier 1' designation. Don’t join the online firefight before reading this intel."

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ThePimpOfSound2861d ago

Eh. I'm just going to grow a real beard instead.

bckids12082861d ago

Silly noobs MoH Multiplayer is for pros!

YME12802861d ago

Really helpful tips. I thought the multiplayer was the best part of the game so I'll be utilizing these.

foss32861d ago

This is the type of article N4G needs more of. Good post.

The_Claw2861d ago

yup, use defensive scorechains to rack up points more quickly. it will immensely help your team out as well. i usually use the first two defense then the 3rd offense, cmon the guided missle is a easy 3-4 kills lol.

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