4.0 John Daly's ProStroke Golf Move Review

When EA announced that they’d be patching Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 to include support for Sony’s new Move peripheral, few expected things to turn out as badly as it did. However, it certainly boded well for the developers of John Daly’s ProStroke Golf, who – having built their game engine specifically to support Move – were immediately the clear favourites to snaffle the motion golf crown that Tiger won by default. As we’ve been learning by way of EA Sports’ relatively regular reminders though, a true simulation of a sport needs more than just the on-pitch, or in this case, on-course action to be up to snuff.

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btk2897d ago

I was really looking forward to this game. Can not find it anywhere in South Africa. Seems like a dud according to the reviews. But all reviews seem to think it works better with Move than TW.

happyface2897d ago

so both this and Tiger Woods MOVE are crap?

40cal2897d ago

Tiger Woods is not quite crap with move but it could be much better. I was planing on waiting to see what EA could do with Move Tiger for 2011 anyway.

Typing this comment just got me to thinking that the Hot Shots Sports series is a sure bet for Move.

Cryptech2897d ago

Dont get this game. In game advertising is a fucking joke.