3DS and the Future of Zelda

With all the excitement surrounding the announcement of 3DS and Ocarina of Time 3D shortly thereafter, no one's really paid much attention to what might be one of the most important questions of all: now that we know what Nintendo's next-gen portable game system is capable of, what might the future hold for the Zelda series? Using the series' history as a basis, take a look at the many possible shades that Nintendo might draw from for an all-new title for the high-powered handheld.

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seann2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

zelda use to be jimmy hendrix of gaming, now its the justin bieber of gaming.

Jio2892d ago

You cannot compare Justin Bieber to Zelda. Zelda is still great and will always be

eagle212892d ago

Zelda is still the best adventure/puzzle game EVER. :)

AWBrawler2891d ago

What kind of response is that? Beiber??? reallY?? you trolls are getting ridiculous. So what is Halo? Rubin Studard? What about God of war? is it Taylor Hicks?
Cause both seem to be losing their steam...
Lately me and the gang play way more Gears of war than Halo, and Uncharted powns God of War

johnthe5th2890d ago

Naw I'd say Zelda is more like the Mario of gaming... no wait