Gran Turismo 5 – More Toscana Rally Gameplay

Some more gameplay footage of Gran Turismo 5's Toscana Rally has just popped up on YouTube, Check it out!

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Iceland2826d ago

Beyond gorgeous!


hennessey862826d ago

the cars still bounce of the barriers with little or no speed lost, the real driving simulator i think not its still amazing to look at thought but i can see there being cheaters online who will expliot the sutuation to its fullist

LoVeRSaMa2825d ago

Good to see people are doing it justice by recording it with a good quality camera and uploading it in HD!

JBaby3432825d ago

The video quality does not do this game justice. Can't wait to see it on my TV.

toaster2826d ago

What an idiot.. the guy is trying to drift around every corner like he's playing Burnout or something. And he's wondering why it's so hard..

"That's why I don't like Gran Turismo games, because they're too realistic. Real driving is easier than this" LMAO I swear 80% of the people who are boasting about getting this game and playing it have no fcking idea how to actually play racing sims.

Sackdude2826d ago

Actualy people who are boasting about getting this game and playing it have no fcking idea how to actually drive a real sport car.

He said Real driving is easier then this LMAO!! what an idiot.

Richard_Hammond2826d ago

I got my card like last year... I know how to drift properly IRL but i have no idea how to properly drift in almost any videogame than ridge racer..

MitchellK2825d ago

have you ever even watched rally racing or driven a car that makes more than 300hp on a wet or dirt surface? Because ok maybe this guy isn't that good but last time i checked you're only going to put a good lap down in a rally race if you slide/drift the car through the corners. if you actually expect to put down a good lap by letting the car settle and driving it smoothly through the turns you are in for a surprise.

TagMeIn2826d ago

Hey everyone. Is there an introductory forum i need to post at before posting regularly?

2826d ago
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