Xbox Exec Not Sold on 3-D Gaming

When it comes to 3-D gaming, Phil Spencer isn't seeing eye to eye with his competitors.

The entertainment industry has been placing big bets on 3-D. But Spencer, the corporate vice president for Microsoft Game Studios, questions how accessible the technology is for consumers and describes recent explorations into 3-D gaming as "a science experiment."

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darkcharizard2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

"People just don't really have TVs in their house right now that are going to do 3-D in a way that's going to work."

- Shipments of 3-D TVs this year will end up well below industry expectations

"I like the 3DS, you don't have to wear the glasses."

"As a corporate mandate, I don't need to sell you a new TV"

"A bunch of people sitting around the living room wearing $150 glasses -- I'm just not sure that's kind of mainstream today,"

T9X692829d ago

You really surprised by what he said? It's true. Most people today don't have 3D TV's, tons of gamers still use SDTV let alone an HDTV. Over the past few years HDTV's have dropped greatly in price, 3D TV's are still new and probably won't start hitting tons of homes until sometime next year, especially when you need to buy expensive ass glasses on top of the price of the TV. Honestly I don't see 3D hitting mainstream at least until towards the end of next year, if not later. I play video games a lot and I don't think I would like wearing the glasses all the time, it would get kind of annoying.

CaptainMarvelQ82829d ago

there needs to be some company that pushes for it so that it goes bigger
if no one started doing new stuff,we wouldn't be where we are today

Genesis52829d ago

So we should just be happy and live in the past? Guess that's why they they still use DVD9 over at MS.

zimain2827d ago

No, in family house holds spending £600+ on a tv is a very big expense, in the last few years flat and Hi Def Tvs have become the norm but people still have not upgraded its simply either not possible or not justified, and for those that have upgraded to a hi def tv to be now told they need a new one for 3D plus glasses for all the people watching it, and you would need a pair for everyone as I wouldn't like to watch a 3d Tv without them, it gets kind of pricey, and with there being so little reason to do so at the moment what's the point!?

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hot-sauce2829d ago

didn't thy say the same thing about blue ray a couple of years ago look how thay turned out..

kaveti66162829d ago

Fallacy. You can't apply the outcome of one situation to another situation.

They are different products.

HDTVs were becoming a standard before Blu Ray was out, so it was natural for Blu-ray to become popular because it allowed people to take advantage of having High Definition televisions.

But 3DTVs are a much larger investment.

I still game on an SDTV. Now that 3DTVs are out, I'd rather purchase an HDTV because the technology has matured and the price has gone down. Why would I want to be an early adopter of a 3DTV that will soon be replaced by a more reliable, longer-lasting cheaper successor.

I'm done constantly paying for tech advancements. I'm glad that MS is not pushing for 3D so early.

ThatsGaming2829d ago

Yep, it has really sucked for Microsoft...

They have been at the top of the weekly console sales chart world-wide for the past few months, the PS3 is losing ground to Xbox 360 weekly, and almost every good game (Except Sony and Nintendo published games) ships on 360 and receives excellent sales.

Microsoft really hates the decision to not go with blu-ray and I'm sure the 3D stuff will be the same. Whoever thought 3D with glasses would drive console sales is dumb. 3D will only catch on when there are no glasses. aka Nintendo 3DS.

HDgamer2829d ago

How many times have MS execs been wrong?

kaveti66162829d ago

Yet MS is one of the wealthiest, most successful companies in the world. They must be right about some big things.

Moentjers2829d ago

That's what's called a monopoly.

seij5552829d ago

You assholes all said the same thing about Blu-ray, HDMI cables, etc.

Knushwood Butt2829d ago

They will tag on 3D at some point in the future, just like they did with HDMI ports etc. Mark my words.

They don't have it now, so they are hardly going to praise the tech. Furthermore, SONY make the TVs (some), so of course they are going to be negative.

I bet that guy has a 3D TV.

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Dylantalon12829d ago ShowReplies(1)
3nd3rth32829d ago

I'm getting sleepy with all this yapping from MS. Why don't you just shut up and make games... you know, like Sony.

Gue12829d ago

don't you like kinect?

jony_dols2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

MS have to stretch out Gears 3 for the next 6 months, they don't want to wear it too thin. So they may as well trash talk Sony.

If MS made tvs they would never shut up about how good 3D is......

OSU_Gamer2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

"If MS made tvs they would never shut up about how good 3D is...... "

MS verbally backs all of their products as much as Sony, but when that happens you start complaining when they do.

You also see Sony verbally downplaying things that MS does, just like MS is doing with 3D.

Stop whining and realize that both MS and Sony are companies out to make a profit.

You take offense to everyday business practices that are done by every competetive company.

siyrobbo2829d ago

fable 3 is MS's next big game, and that's out in a few weeks

jony_dols2829d ago

Didn't MS just buy the rights to advertise the Kinect on pepsi cans and cereal boxes? I never remember Sony putting that much effort into trying to flog off move.

MS were always bitching about the blu ray format.
However I never heard Sony bitching about MS's online gaming service?

Ahh come on, Aaron Greenberg is notorious for his trash talking, there is no denying it.
I follow N4G, and I have honestly seen far more 'MS exec bad mouths Sony' ect ect than visa versa.

I wouldn't touch Fable 3 after the lame duck that was Fable 2.

zimain2827d ago

MS never slated Blu ray, they did however say it was not needed and simply backed HD dvd to irritate sony (if you recall sony lost the last format war vhs and betamax and lost alot of money)

Also claiming if a company sold a totally different type of product, that it would crap or doing something a different way is the worst type of trolling there is.

What does MS advertising have to do with anything with you? You obviously don't care or believe in Kinect so sod off and whine about something else somewhere else.

I wouldn't touch anything out on the ps3 the controller is just so wrong.

Sony execs don't get chance to bad mouth anyone as their too busy trying to convince you they have "worthy" exclusives

go find a new bridge

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theonlylolking2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

The thing is they dont know how to make games.

Jawmuncher2829d ago

At least the 3D part kinda makes sense,
I mean he's right it's hardly mainstream enough to have such a huge push for it. In a few more years it'll be more common but right now not so much

gamingdroid2829d ago

Exactly! One day it might when the feature is so cheap is standard in the TV and many people started replacing their TVs.

Until then, most people just replaced their tube TVs with an HDTV.

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