Kinect Sports: Table Tennis Impressions (Gameplaybook)

Is Rare's motion sensitive version of ping pong any good? Gameplaybook puts it to the test.

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Keith Olbermann2897d ago ShowReplies(1)
TotalPS3Fanboy2897d ago

"Part of the problem with KInect Sports' version of ping pong is that it doesn't look like the players are doing that much. They simply stand there waving their arms about, harding expressing any emotion or fluid movement into the game."

D4RkNIKON2897d ago

Ping Pong with Move is like the real deal. The tracking in that game is the most 1:1 tracking I have seen in any move title so far.

jerethdagryphon2897d ago

ping pong with move sucks ass out of donkeys....

and no im not bitter i have excelent cooridination.......honest...

im just crap and ping pong
i hope kinect can make some decent games the ideas intriguing its there execution of it i fear

Syronicus2897d ago

Ping pong with move is very close to the real deal and is exactly why I hated it at first. Having played it more I love it now and can even play better on the real table at work in our break rooms. It's an amazing device that proves 1:1 ratio motion controls exist.

Christopher2897d ago

I read that and then watched the guy on the video talking about the exact opposite. Yeah, it doesn't look like you need to do much other than just wave your hand and there was absolutely no top spin control shown in the gameplay unlike what the announcer was saying.

Definitely need to wait for the reviews of this, though a lot of this article's comments are what you would expect to see in a review as well.

Buff10442897d ago

Seems disappointing so far.

Spydiggity2897d ago

cuz motion gaming should have died with the wii.

notice nintendo is hardly even utilizing it now...even they know it's cheap gimmick.

TheDCD2897d ago

Well, in real ping pong, people do this thing called MOVING. A way of life. :D

btk2897d ago

Would like to know how it compares to the Move Table Tennis. Sports Champions version of Table Tennis works very well. 1:1, fast, no lag etc.

Playing table tennis with your hands on Kinect? Who comes up with this weird ideas?

HeavenlySnipes2896d ago

Haha theres a reason why a certain company dropped support for this...

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The story is too old to be commented.