Top 10 Innovative and Overpowered weapons of this gen

GM writes : Weapons, big big GUNS, who doesn’t love them? The amount of satisfaction that blowing someone’s head-off with a fictional videogame weapon brings can hardly be matched with anything that we can do in real.

While, we have seen numerous lists and descriptions related to the heroes who weild these tools of destruction, we seem to have failed to admire the weapons themselves.

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gameseveryday2856d ago

no one can beat the fatman.

Hideo_Kojima2856d ago

The Redeemer is my favourite weapon...

the first time I used it I had no clue what it was I ended up killing half the bots in the game including myself with just 1 shot.

Its a portable remote controlled nuclear rocket launchers..

Blacktric2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

I always think of Fatman from MGS 2 whenever I saw that weapon's name.

RyuDrinksTheDew2856d ago

my thoughts exactly. im quite surprised it isnt on this list.

ico922856d ago

the lightning gun in KZ2 was awesome i was so annoyed when they removed it after that level

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prongs1232856d ago

i got for: LINE GUN. A savior to survive in the Necromorphs infested Space Ship :S.

cyborg2856d ago

more like my taste of weapons though. Like I said, the chainsaw bayonet and deadly gun combinations beats anything else. Rip em OFF at will. :D

coolbeans2856d ago

Drop Lancer for the Hammer.

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The story is too old to be commented.