Crazed BioShock 2 Fan Creates Insane Big Sister Cosplay

Michael Frost writes "With Halloween approaching, many people are mulling over ideas for what to wear to parties, events, or just for the kick of the holiday. To appreciate those who put hard effort into making fantastic costumes, we've decided to feature a costume that was inspired with Bioshock in heart. The Big Sister, designed by Jeremy Jones of Seattle."

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NoUseMerc2593d ago

The costume is really detailed. Wish I had something like that for Halloween.

tacosRcool2592d ago

If you had the time and money right

Apotheosize2592d ago

...Andddd its a frickin dude.

Nihilism2592d ago

That's bad ass, i'd pay good money for something that cool.

Although my dream is to make a replica full size brass/diving material Big Daddy replica made when I become a Millionaire-race car driver-astronaut.

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