Capcom to publish games on next-gen Nokia N-Gage

News emerges today that Capcom will be publishing its wares on Nokia's N-Gage platform from 2008. After the disaster of the first N-Gage (a dedicated games machine with mobile phone functionality), Nokia announced at E3 2005 that its next strategy for the brand was to implement it into a variety of new smartphone handsets.

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s8anicslayer4125d ago

i guess capcom just doesn't want to make games for the ps3,that's ashame!

THC CELL4125d ago

Whats resident evil, clown

Azures4125d ago

Don't respond from now on guys, just report as SPAM or Off-topic and rape his bubbles.

cdawson4125d ago

What? The first N-gage wasn't disastrous enough for Nokia?