Joystiq: Vanquish Review - Smokin'

At the end of six hours, Joystiq was feeling as rough as Sam's voice from the challenge, but also coursing with adrenaline -- and a profound desire to walk around high-fiving everyone in sight. Vanquish is a supremely fun and polished action game that makes even Gears of War look like a leisurely stroll, and you simply must not miss it.

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MGRogue20172863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

... An excellent example of a great rental, nothing more.

A one of a kind prostitute, Do what must be done & then show her the door..

fossilfern2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

lmao ! so true ! your a man of wise words

Leonesaurus2863d ago

But you're the whore in this case, not Vanquish... This game is fucking awesome, well worth your money for the collection. It's the kinda girl you bring home to your parents, not send out the door.

Congrats Mikami-san and Platinum Games!!

deafwing2863d ago

reviewers crying it's too short


they all agree - "damn it's good." It's usually the case you know - we tend to finish the games that we enjoy faster than does we don't and Platinum probably did this on purpose to suck us in. Let's not forget that this game fills a giant gapping hole in my gaming life that Zone of Enders left me since PS2 and Kojima refuses to fill back.

gillri2863d ago

why not just buy it and sell it for pretty much the same price, you would get longer than a rental and may actually make a profit

Theonik2863d ago

Or may end up actually keeping the game if it ends up being that fun.

NickX2863d ago

I played the demo, in between everyone shouting mother ****er every 10 seconds I had a hard time remembering what each button was supposed to do. Yes it was fast, flashy, nice to look at. But I think the controls are just not that great and you die a awful lot.

zatrox2863d ago

You get used to the controls soon enough. Pulling out awesome stunts is somewhat hard, yes, but my guess is than it's supposed to be like that.

"And you die a awful lot"

That's the idea.

MegaBit2863d ago

Game Informer gave it a much less flattering review, and I think they are cracked. Everyone else is saying the game is top notch.

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