The Begining of the End for MSAA and SSAA! MLAA coming to AMD drivers

Thanks to a leaked slide during a private conference of AMD, it has been confirmed that AMD is going to include an MLAA (as popularised by GOW3 on the PS3) setting in their drivers for their new 6xxx series cards!, you'll be able to force MLAA per application with ease in any DX9/10/11 game!

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Shaman2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Great news!MSAA and SSAA are faaar to expensive for their "service".Here is a hope that MLAA finally finds its way on 360 since code for it is already done...that with FU2s DLAA and Cryteks Hybrid AA will be great news for everyone.

BTW,this title is wrong...its not the end of AA(anti aliasing),its the end(if it is) for MSAA and SSAA,not AA.MLAA is also AA ;)

arnoldocastillo20032832d ago

Thank you very much shaman, i changed the title.

Shanks2832d ago

MLAA can't be done on the 360, it takes too much CPU time.
On the PS3 devs can spread the workload on the SPU's so it's a lot faster and more efficient.

arnoldocastillo20032832d ago

Well theres a debate concerning if the XBOX 360 can do it because it takes to much work of the CPU

Shaman2832d ago

Amm...its actually pretty close.Code has been made in XNA(not real 360 dev kit) and its not slow.Here...these guys made it.They also said that with real kit performance can be improved further.

Pandamobile2832d ago

Cool, so now we can force an non-framerate raping anti-aliasing technique in games that don't support anti-aliasing?

Am I getting this right?

kaveti66162832d ago

Good news. I often see benchmark tests of Crysis and Metro 2033 where the tester has disabled MSAA because it reduces the framerate considerably. MLAA is the next step. This is rare example of console technology changing PC technology.

Otheros002832d ago

It's good to see techniques used in console games also use in pc games.
Now they can use the ram for other things instead of msaa.

TABSF2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

There is more than one way to skin a cat, as the saying goes

From images I have seen MSAA and MLAA blur pixels to remove jaggies, its good that this type of AA can be forced on games like GTA IV but I could still see jaggies in both images on the link

Also if you read this

"How does the quality of your implementation compare with MSAA?

In the article we are conservative, and we say that quality is between 4x and 8x. However, it is something difficult to compare: when the technique works it is as good as 16x, when it breaks it is as bad as 1x. As the performance of our approach is one order of magnitude faster than MSAA, there is still room for quality enhancements, in expense of worser running times."

Now with my Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 I can run all these ranges of AA: 2x, 4x, 8x, 8xQ, 16x, 16xQ and 32x
On Crysis running 32x AA would reduce my system to around 1FPS, rebooting the RIG would be quicker than trying to escape
on Dead Rising 2 however I'm running 32x AA Vscyn @ 60.1FPS (AA forced through Nvidia control panel)

Like the comments says, its around 4x to 8x but sometimes as good as 16x and sometimes as bad as 1x. basically its unreliable, it blurs pixels rather than softens them and with 32x on my PC its always going look better and going to work

But down-sampling always the best way to go, On Medal of Honor you can modify a file I believe and change the resolution, for example

Default resolution: 1920 by 1080p (maximum my monitor can screen)
Down-sample res: 2560 by 1440p (both resolutions are 16:9)

The 2560 by 1440p resolution is force on to the screen, then is reduced to the correct pixels (1920 by 1080p) but the quality is still there and acts like an advanced AA and also improve image clarity, here a link