Will Vanquish be Vanquished?

GameZone: "Platinum Games has, in only a few short years, established a track record of some very solid games. Bayonetta was one of the most addictive action games to come along in recent memory, MadWorld is completely unlike any other title in the Wii library, and Infinite Space is one of the most incredibly deep games on the Nintendo DS.

That said, I’m worried about Vanquish."

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AKissFromDaddy2861d ago

I hope the sequel to Vanquish has multiplayer.

zatrox2861d ago

...I just feel like, after playing the game a little more last night, it doesn't needs multiplayer. At all.

Why, may you ask? Because, for those people who played Halo and Gears of War, there's still folks replaying Sonic for awesome times, and, in my case, replaying Shumps, on-rail shooters and arcade games over and over for perfection and completion time.

I'm quite sure Vanquish aims for those kind of people more than the kind of people who play multiplayer games.

timmyrulz2860d ago

Good point, however any game that only takes 4 hours to complete should be sold on PSN/Live, there is no credible reason as to why anyone would pay top dollar for any game so short.
Metaphorically speaking its like a Woman paying top whack for a gigalo with the looks of Brad Pitt but the penis size of Mini Me

zslash2860d ago

I don't see how length should have any jurisdiction over a game's price. The original MGS can be completed in less than 3 hours, for example. Yet it was obviously a massive success.

Tachyon_Nova2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

@ zslash - Times have changed since then, as you well know. These days, games have 100's of people working on them, back then, nowhere near as many worked on each game, and for less time.

When every game sold at full price, as Vanquish is, save discounts at some retailers, has at the least either a long campaign and no multiplayer or a short campaign and an extensive multiplayer, then you have to expect to be hammered by gamers if all you have is a very short campaign, and I think this is only fair enough.

One more thing, zlash, do you seriously believe than quantity has no bearing over price? Sure, I would rather get 4 hrs of pure awesomeness than 8 hrs of merely good gameplay, but I will still feel cheated paying full price for the 4 hr game when the other game has a multiplayer element satisfying enough to keep me going for many hours at no extra cost.

To be honest, anyone with a limited budget who picks up this gaming is letting themselves down, with games like enslaved, medal of honor, assassins creed, black ops, fable, fear 3, driver, need for speed, dead nation, gran turismo, sly trilogy, god of war psp and many more coming out in the coming months or having recently been released, why spend US$60 (or $90 Australian) on a game that is only going to last you 4 hrs, perhaps 8 if you are upto going through twice?

Baka-akaB2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

meh you aint completing either under 4 hours when playing the game the first time and discovering it .
Only way would be playing in easy mode , and even then reviewer and people vastly shorten and exagerate length of such games .

You guys need to remember that many reviewers dont play beyond easy and in a rush , dont even bother finishing their games and make stuff up .

Hell when that kind of game gets long , reviewer enter schizo mode and complain it's repetitive after a while .

PS :

Either way , if you are the kind of person that is done with games like vanquish after a single play , then it wasnt probably for you anyway .

Games like that , god of war 1-3 , bayonetta , dmc and a few others are always short , but worth replaying over and other for its multiple challenges

Tachyon_Nova2859d ago

@ above - you'll probably never read this, but god of war, in particular GOW3 was hardly that short, it took me 11 hours to finish it on normal difficulty.

And by the way, there was a screenshot posted somewhere that showed someone had completed it in under 4 hours on normal difficulty i do believe.

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Lich1202860d ago

I wonder about that though. The first thing I thought when I played Vanquish was, "I wish this had multiplayer". Dont get me wrong I love the single player. But with a game as unique as it is, that is also a shooter, I can't help but want to fight against other human beings. I love the first gears, just like that mexican house. To me the game feels like Gears squared, and that makes me want the multiplayer so badly.

mastiffchild2860d ago

Multpile human players all sliding around the same map and triggering bullet time tag-lag? Not possible however great it sounds-how would you EVER implement it fairly or satisfy everyone playing? Co-op is also out of the question for the same reasons plus staying together would be a nightmare and need false rules to do it at all.

SexyPrawns2860d ago

Not a pun...but still terrible.

2860d ago
skyblue142132860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

excerpt from article:

"I’m part of the dying breed of gamers that generally prefers single-player games to online multiplayer."

Welcome to the club, and our breed is bigger and livelier than you think. It's just that in this day and age the minority crowd some how gets all of the attention, things will change hopefully for the better though in the future. I plan on eventually getting this game though.

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