FIFA 08 Gameplay - Be A Pro with Ronaldinho

Hi-res Xbox 360 gameplay footage of Fifa 08, scoring two goals with Ronaldinho

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Jaylee4129d ago

Wow, that second goals was sweet!!!

Itachi4129d ago

but you can always score from any angle in fifa and just use 1 player to take on a whole team all the time looks like much hasn't changed

KoKu4129d ago

2nd goal, sweet indeed

nice game-mode, i think

Bazookajoe_834129d ago

But i guess it´s because i realy dont like the controles in fifa =(

LOFT3164129d ago

the same old thing with fifa thev've got the license's the stadiums ,all the league's,stats,good commentry,atmostphere but were it counts is the gameplay and this dont look as usual that it compairs to pro evo as usual its Pro evo for me again

karan74129d ago

first goal was realistic but my bro was like u can score from anywhere in fifa thats true from what i see the moment u shoot it goes in or it hits the bar....................but the 2nd goal was beautiful but again the player was presering him how can he still shoot like that the game mode is sweet...........stadium looks nice.....entrance woooooooooooooo awesome and also gameplay looks pretty much the same 1 big thing i dont like at all is the freaking goalpose it is so hard the net is like a freaking wall compared to pes2008 net that look so [email protected]#king nice!

kjones05874129d ago

I'm sure the reason why he could shoot like that was because it's the best player in the game. I bet he only makes that about 1 out of every 20 shots while being pressured like that from that distance. LOL 2 goals in a game (and pretty lucky goals at that) and u guys are saying same old Fifa. At least Fifa is being innovative and trying different things and personally I love PES's gameplay so much better than Fifa's but I think Fifa is catching up and I'm very intrigued by "Be a Pro" mode.

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The story is too old to be commented.