Evil Avatar's Shotgun 90: It's Crafty

Evil Avatar: Ahoy Shells! (That’s what we’re calling you now?!) Apparently…because on tonight’s show Adam announces the winners of our L4D2 “The Sacrifice” giveaway. He also spins us a yarn about his mystical journey with Der Auslander to Season’s Beatings, and how there IS such a thing as too much Street Fighter. Speaking of yarn, Jim previews Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Spoiler alert: Kirby is adorable. We also announce our Halloween giveaway with Frictional Games! They want to hook you up with a free copy of Amnesia: Dark Descent, and we let you know how you can win. Kragg also gives his final words, and lots of them, on Castlevania Lords of Shadow. 3 out of 5 is a good score people! All that and an absolute TON of weekly releases on this weeks Shotgun!”

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