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The last few days of my life have been a hip-hop extravaganza. My thoughts were always some lame songs from the 90s that I was attempting to remix in my head. My music playlist at home was set from “indie” to “rap” and for five days, I was king of the ‘wanksters.’ This is all thanks to DJ Hero 2, a slick, feature-packed sequel to the 2009 rhythm game.

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UltimaEnder2898d ago

Glad to hear it's better than the first one - having multiplayer and same time two DJ units excited me - will be playing this when I get back in town for sure!

Akagi2898d ago

Oh, how blissfully ignorant you are.

juniordee2898d ago

While I personally don't enjoy hip hop, I'm not gonna go and say that everything I don't enjoy sucks...

silvacrest2898d ago

notice how you never hear rock = sucks....ever

SpinalRemains1382898d ago

You're a loser, dude. I don't like Hip Hop either, but I realize that no one cares about what I think. Unlike me; you actually think your opinion means something. Go away and let us read about the game.

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GiggMan2898d ago

It sucks so much that you just had to anonymously blurt it out over the internet in a Hip-hop related article... StitchJones you the man. /s

GiggMan2898d ago

My bad I could have sworn I hit the reply button to Stitch...

On topic: I foresee some good musical family fun under the Christmas tree between this and RB3.

electricshadow2898d ago

Picking this up in exactly one hour! I'm so excited for this game!

LolololRumz2898d ago

A 9? really? Sites like these ruin the rep of a game getting 9. IMO only the best of the best games should be rewarded a 9 and the very best a 10. Scores are throw around too easily these days

iceman062898d ago

But, you have to consider that everybody has significantly different gaming tastes. By your review standards how would you separate different genre choices? The "best of the best" would come from what genre? WHO decides what the "best of the best" would be. That's why it makes more since to do comparative analysis of games in the same genre and award a score that represents how well it does versus those games in it's genre. This gives us a scale that we can relate to and not an arbitrary "this is the best of ALL games" statement. There ARE rare gems that pretty much turn gamers on their collective heads and surpass the norm. Those are the games that we know automatically because they get rave reviews across the board.

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