20 minutes of Crysis

Here is some expert illustrative gameplay footage from the Games Convention 2007 demo. This is a 20 minute clip from German GIGA TV who had a Crysis feature on their late night Giga Games show. The demo is played by Q&A Manager Sebastian Spatzek and guided, in German, by Community Manager Alexander Marschal a.k.a. Cry-Alex.

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ShiftyLookingCow4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

They are probably running 8800Ultra SLI with a quad core and in DX9 and it still has framerate issues. Time to sell 8800GTX. Other than that this game is as impressive as it should be even though the video quality was really bad.

hazeblaze4075d ago

Yea, the framerate issues need to be worked out... hopefully they'll tighten that up before launch though.

hazeblaze4075d ago

The game looks awesome... but I don't like the way objects just fly into your hands! What does the soldier have an understanding of the Force as well?! For the game to look so realistic I wish they'd used a bit more realistic animations for picking up objects.

Other than that though, the game looks like it'll be awesome to play.

deadeyes994075d ago

actually they use a single 800ultra i have sli :p

ploody4075d ago

I almost feel sorry for you guys, almost...