360 Magazine: Why Xbox Piracy Will Cost Us All In The End

360 Magazine: You might think console piracy doesn’t matter, but it’ll hit you in the pocket eventually...

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darkcharizard2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Why should one pay $55 if that person can download it or buy a pirated version for $2?

gravemaker2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Agreed. 50-60$ is TOO much. 10-20 is justified price for a game (PC rulz in that way). Developers and publishers are greedy sons of a...
Piracy is not theft, so it is not bad

Hands Up For Games2856d ago

W. T. F!!!

"Piracy is not theft, so its not bad"

I think this place just sunk to a new low, congratulations gravemaker for making gamers look like even bigger knobs than we usually do.

If you cant afford a game, then you go without, you dont steal or pirate it. At least thats what decent people do.

deadreckoning6662856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

@Hands Up For Games- I do it with movies and music..don't see why I can't do it with games. I don't pirate PS3 games simply because it isn't worth the hassle considering the cost of a Blu-Ray writer and blank Blu-Ray CD's(not to mention the constant firmware updates Sony makes to stop piracy).

However, if there was a way to do it that was actually worth the effort...I have no moral obligation not to do it.

"hmm why should people pay for games? Good question. Maybe to support the devs? Maybe you would like to see a sequel from that game funded by the money made from the previous game? How can you call yourself a fan of something and at the same time say that it isn't worth your money?"

MOST gamers don't pirate games. If the game is really THAT good...a couple thousand pirates won't make a difference to whether the game gets a sequel or not. Heck, Halo 3 and COD4 are great examples.

If devs don't want people pirating games, then they should give people INCENTIVES for buying them legally. Include some free DLC or exclusive content. Most games today are NOT worth 60 bux. Gamers can either roll over and take it in the rear or do something about it(pirate games or buy em used) and show the industry that game prices are too high.

jeseth2856d ago

It costs millions of dollars to make these games and people pirating games are stealing no matter how you look at it.

The more people steal the more prices will go up (along with production costs, developement, etc.).

People don't buy enough copies of games to justify $20 games.

Defend it however you want, pirating is stealing and illegal. Congratulations, you are a theif.

Hands Up For Games2856d ago

Well im afraid if you do it with movies and music then you are part of the problem as well.

An artist, musician, director, writer, developer, programmer or actor makes a movie/album/game and they dedicate their life to it, sometimes for years. They then release their product to the world hoping that people will like it, enjoy it and just as important, PAY FOR IT! This allows them to move onto their next project safe in the knowledge that many people were happy to pay for their blood, sweat and tears.

I suppose you probably think its OK to steal from Tesco/Wal Mart as they are huge huge companies that make billions, well im afraid its not. Theft is theft and that makes people who pirate, thieves. Simple as that.

Thats the problem with kids today, they want what they cant afford and dont care about the consequences of what their actions might cause.

gamer81792856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

If you think $60 is too much for a game, then don't get it. Wait for them to have a price drop. You people ruin the industry.

$30,000 is too much for a car, so I guess I will just steal it.

Dlacy13g2856d ago

You all are part of the problem. Dbags like you all seem to think the rules don't apply to you. And no matter what your reasoning, when you pirate something...its stealing. Justify it all you want, but its stealing. Even if they lowered the prices I highly doubt you all would pony up for the game and pay for it. Even at $20 I am sure you would still steal it. You would justify somehow it should be free to you...

Just remember, kharma is a bitch and you all are due a little kharma payback.

And if you really want to show the industry that the most games out aren't worth $60...due your due dilegance, read up on reviews and pass on buying it. If we all refuse to buy poor games then guess what, publishers will either drop the prices or make better quality to raise the bar to where we will buy them. THQ is a great example of a company looking to turn around the perception of their games and they are making better games because we on a whole weren't buying the crap they were putting out for a while.

dredgewalker2856d ago

It's different for gaming where the developers only depend on game sales to profit unlike music and movies. So yeah it's gonna ruin us gamers in the end if games piracy continues to grow. Only silly children who do not work think that piracy has no effect on the industry.

bviperz2856d ago

Piracy is o.k.?! GTFO.

TotalPS3Fanboy2856d ago

rent it instead. It's really cheap to rent it. Or buy it used.


I would love to know where the pro-piracy guys here work (that's if these leeches ever worked, maybe some are just too young to apply) and go there, use whatever the hell your services are and left the place without paying, as it appears you guys think it's ok for me to pay whatever and whenever I want for what I get.

Rocket Sauce2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

"$30,000 is too much for a car, so I guess I will just steal it."

I'm not justifying piracy or condemning anyone here, but if it were as easy to steal cars as it is to steal games, everybody would own a Lamborghini.

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D4RkNIKON2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

hmm why should people pay for games? Good question. Maybe to support the devs? Maybe you would like to see a sequel from that game funded by the money made from the previous game? How can you call yourself a fan of something and at the same time say that it isn't worth your money?

@koehler - They will learn how the world works when they grow up. Kids are the worst at times.

koehler832856d ago

Don't bother reasoning with them. They're idiots with no sense of ethics or even respect. They have no idea how the world works and can't grasp the concept of The Butterfly Effect.

BlackTar1872856d ago

fortunately for me my parents taught me values and ethics and that you work hard to make a good life. All these things my parents taught me not to steal all that normal stuff.

it seems that kids now adays and yes you guys are kids are missing out on parenting and its a sad state. but oh well you know they dont make sense you know they won't listen so talking is a waste. You cant convince someone who already is okay with not making any sense to make any.

HxCGamer2856d ago

way too uptight...

"my parents taught me values"?
lol chill out dude
you guys act like seniors vs freshman type of deal, which is gay....
everybody has stolen something at some point in their life.

p.s. i doubt any of you are that successful, and self-absorbed to act like you are all knowledgeable.

BlackTar1872856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

"you guys act like seniors vs freshman type of deal, which is gay...." what the hell does that mean?

Yes everyone has stolen something in there life ill agree but not everyone justify there theft as petty as pirates do. I know when i stole i knew it was wrong and illegal and i never once used the line i stole that gummy hamburger because the store was charging to much for it and i didn't even like it so its okay. And i never once said to myself you know that gummy hamburger was really good you know what ill just put this one down and ill go buy one.

Im assuming the high school ref. was showing of your age. There is nothing wrong with that but i have family members who work in this industry and the fact you think its not a big deal at all only further pushes the careless feel pirates show.

Anyways lol

HXC gamer you just say im trying to get bubbles lol. Ive been on this site for 4years maybe. I never use all of bubbles but once every 6months. Then you ref. its making a small impact that is 100% true but doesnt make it any less damgaing or right. You seem to think its okay to pirate you gave a ref. to 1 game so you just so happen to be the exception to the rule. WHich im sure every pirate on the face of the earth is.
The fact you cant understand like stated above how the butterfly effect works is something i can begin to expalin. Yes its to me is personally very small but on a bigger stage its not so small.

Anyways dude do what you want. you seem to want to stick up for thieves so ill let you have it. The fact you tell me to calm down well im not upset and i havent been yet. The upset line is a low ball remark anyways used by people who are only willing to put so much in to there beliefs and conversation. and shame on your for sying im going after bubbles lol what a stupid comment yea man im going for them thats right and its worked so far all 5 of them

One last edit.

You torrented Starcraft but only bought it cuz you could do that with the MP. That is what i mean you only bought it cuz you couldn't get the MP with ou tthe purchased copy correct. But im out of bubbles i guess my plan didnt work lol

HxCGamer2856d ago Show
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tacosRcool2856d ago

why buy the pirated version when you torrent it for free on your pc?

BlackTar1872856d ago

are a sick group your logic never makes any sense much less any thing you say in regards to this topic. your sad and pathetic and don't deserve the right to these peoples work if your to cheep to purchase it.

the worst thing about pirates is they all seem to come on as full blown retards. But what if its no good. I love the line if its good ill put down my stolen copy and go buy it. LOL you think anyone on the face of the planets believes that. Gotta be the stupidest thing i hear when pirates comment.

HxCGamer2856d ago

some actually do buy it
i torrented starcraft2 but then bought it for the multiplayer...

"your sad and pathetic"
...somebody needs to chill, the fact that if i pirate something, which i only do for like music and movies, will have such a minuscule impact on you that you should really not care bout it.

me thinks you are just trying to get more bubbles by saying things like
"pirating is wrong. OMG THEY ARE SUCH RETARDS ROFL."
i guess is a good strategy, but being a follower never gets anyone anywhere.

djfullshred2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

The quality of your character is what you do when nobody is watching.

Why would I pay full retail instead of paying a pirate? Because I live my life trying to do what is right.

The rewards for living this way ultimately pays off in much greater returns than short gains in getting "stuff" that you covertly steal.

Rumbanana2855d ago

"Why should one pay $55 if that person can download it or buy a pirated version for $2?"

Because the budget for games nowadays is in the tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. How is a developer going to recoup that cost charging only $20? Movie studios have a much easier route by releasing in theaters, recouping there and charge $20 for the DVDs for profit. Unfortunately, games don't have that luxury. Piracy will only drive the prices up for the people who buy their games through the proper channels.

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Dailynch2856d ago

Really? Have you heard of Capitalism and how it works? Do you have any idea how much games cost to make?

xTrueLegendx2856d ago

60 dollars isen't too much if the game has a good amount of value for example single player multiplayer co-op and immersion and graphics and gameplay play a part in it also.

2856d ago
morkendo232856d ago

360 Magazine: Why Xbox Piracy Will Cost Us All In The End

hmmmmmm if a gamer owns ps3 dont think that will affect ps3 gamers... since this about xbox piracy

trying to say this without sounding like a TROLL. if so not my intention.

kaos_fish II2856d ago

PS3 games are pirated too - plenty of them online. Right now, it's limited but (once) the PS3 is thoroughly cracked open (and it's only a matter of time before it is) you will see an increase of piracy on the PS3 too.

Can't be helped - there will always be people who want something for nothing.

HDgamer2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

That is true but the ps3 update on the new game's disc are being used so no pirated versions will be played yet. PC, wii, 360, ps2 and others are still at risk.

Dlacy13g2856d ago

The real point is that MOST developers out there are making games multiplatform... so even though the PS3 is fairly hacker / piracy proof the 360/Wii version are not...if they get hit hard by piracy that will drive up the costs on the title on a whole by shrinking profits, etc... Basically, its a trickle down effect so in the end any mulitplatform dev is going to look to recoup costs across all sku's not just the one sku that had the most piracy.

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