2-Soft: Vanquish review

Vanquish is the latest third-person shooter from creator Shinji Mikami and is a great concept with some impressive graphics details. One of the things I like about Vanquish is that it’s a very hard game. I mean if you play on Hard mode is almost impossible to stay alive, only the true skilled players manage to go through the entire campaign in that mode.

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Adu882893d ago

it's a good game with nice graphics...

Adu882893d ago

i think is probably one of the best third-person shooter..

seann2892d ago

i are think that comment-is the best ever.

comancsm2893d ago

it's the best. I love this game

comancsm2893d ago

Do you know where i can find any cheats?

pr0digyZA2893d ago

isn't there any on google?

Ryo-Hazuki2892d ago

just picked up my copy. fantastic game

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