GamePro: Vanquish Review

It does offer some interesting variations on a tried and true shooter formula, but GamePro can’t recommend this to anyone looking for a deep and compelling experience. If all you want is an adrenaline rush or to feel like a total badass for short, explosive bursts, however, then it’s something worth considering.

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Cloudberry2861d ago

I've been watching Gamepro for quite some time, ever since in the 90s with their magazines.

Most of their review scores are suited with the overall game experience, in my opinion.


I thought they would give a great 4.5 / 5 score... : /

Still getting the game nonetheless.

zatrox2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Their main complaints are:

No co-op (or a multiplayer mode of any sorts) and silly story.

Those two are things I already expected to NOT be in Vanquish, and everything else (Gameplay, graphics, how badass it is.) is solid, so, yeah.

tacosRcool2861d ago

The demo wasn't that exciting or fun.

Short game with no multiplayer or co op makes it a hard sell for $60 and that's why some retailers overseas are cutting prices even before the game releases

zatrox2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

That is only this generation, and even then, there are still people that don't mind multiplayer or co-op, when a game offers you something more.

I mean, look at Sin and Punishment 2, as well as other Racing games out there, hell, look at Sonic 4 (Despite the flaws it has...) and you find that there are alot of people who like to go hunt down for scores and such.

Yes, it is a tough sell to some gamers, but others simply know what they're gonna get and will enjoy it because of that. Myself included.

Also, the Demo was actually pretty awesome if you liked it. For me, it was probably the most awesome 7 minutes I've spent on a Third Person Shooter, and I just replayed it for completion times over and over and over. Although that's just me, and that's why I am going to love Vanquish.

bubb13gum2861d ago

Sure its a great game. I'll pick it up when its cheaper and maybe some dlc was released for it. I'm only buying a game day one from now on if its AAA title or one of my franchise favs. Out of all the reviews I'm reading a 7 hour campaign is what seems to come up and that just doesn't justify a full game purchase for me. I hope you all enjoy it though, looks and plays great from what I seen of the demo.

LordMarius2861d ago

Once the Redbox near me gets this, I will rent it since its short and I could beat it in a day