Coming soon to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Major Nelson's Blog writes:

"Here is a list of upcoming content scheduled for the Xbox LIVE Marketplace:

Xbox LIVE Arcade:

- October 20: Super Meat Boy, 800 Microsoft Points. After November 21 the price will be 1200 Microsoft Points
- October 20: Costume Quest, 1200 Microsoft Points
- October 27: Pinball FX 2 Free game download. Tables purchased individually with free import from original Pinball FX"

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Neo Nugget2831d ago

Conviction will probably be close to $40 >.>

It's $15 on Gamefly....

maxcer2830d ago

the GoD service is garbage. i wouldn't think that many people buy games vs the cheaper hard copy down the street. either the prices come down or the service dies

BX812831d ago

Yeah but if you can get a hold of it for cheaper, it's a must. That game is boss!

DaBadGuy2831d ago

Why the crap is Super Meat Boy going to go UP after November 21st? Isn't that kind of ass backwards?

I get it's incentive to get quick sales but wouldn't it make more sense to keep the thing at 800 points so you get quick sales and you keep a steady amount of sales for the future?

multipayer2831d ago

Probably doesn't matter, it should probably always be like this. That way people anticipating the game are pleased, then the casual gamers hear good things from those people and spend their bubblegum money later.

Also, pretty much every game released these days is buggy and requires several patchs. Why not give a little back to those initial testers...

seinfan2830d ago

Yeah! I just got 4000 MS points for like $15. Spending 2400 and getting 800 back. Nice.

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