Remedy seeks producer for “AAA project,” lists 360 as only platform

VG247: Yeah. When you post a job listing looking for a producer for a “AAA console project” and the only platform listed is 360 and you’ve stated time after time you want to make a sequel to a game you’ve just released on the same console then people might start to talk.

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Cloudberry2863d ago

If it's an Alan Wake, I hope it would be better than the first.

It's a good game, but it could be better & scarier, in my opinion.

StanLee2863d ago

Alan Wake isn't a horror. It's a thriller. There is a difference. It's not about scares, it's about suspense and the narrative leading you to your own conclusions about the story.

Persistantthug2863d ago

That's just for the record.

Kingdom Come2863d ago

You deserve so much more than one Bubble in my opinion...

Eamon2863d ago

Alan Wake's story was really good. Felt like a playable Twin Peaks.

I want Remedy to make Alan Wake 2.

2863d ago
AAACE52862d ago

Hey StanLee, because that was one of the most intelligent answers i've heard on here in a while, i'll give you a bubble!

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Chris_TC2863d ago

I liked the story of Alan Wake, but the gameplay got insanely boring.
I would have much preferred to spend more time in the town, talking to people and walking around. The Twin Peaks vibe was awesome.

But unfortunately, all the town stuff is extremely short. 5 minutes of day time are followed by 2 hours of running through the forest.

BillOreilly2862d ago

if this isnt alan wake 2 il go on a rampage. that was seriously one of the best games ive ever played. if you havnt played it you are a sucker and deserve to be bitchslapped...

Fishy Fingers2863d ago

Ignoring the PC again huh. Hope MS subsidise any potential loses. To be fair though, it's probably Alan Wake 2 using the same engine/tech.

theonlylolking2863d ago

It would be nice for PC to have it. Its almost like companies are abandoning the PC market. We need publishers and devs to get back to PC if they want to make money on ALL hardcore platforms.

kaveti66162863d ago

Remedy deserves any failure they suffer. And I'll explain why. They are a very small studio. There's like, what, 80 of them, tops?

If Remedy wishes to be an independent studio in this kind of rough economy, in this kind of cutthroat industry that is saturated with shooters, and Remedy still chooses to be independent, then they are stubborn. They deserve their failures.

And plus, I thought Alan Wake was a pretty mediocre game. Fantastic in some ways, terrible in others. Microsoft also didn't market the game well, which is something that Remedy and MS should have worked out in their contract. They should stick to PC and distribute their games over STEAM.

theonlylolking2863d ago

Insomniac is independent and naughty dog have around 80 workers.

kaveti66162863d ago

Naughty Dog is a first party studio. The point is that a small studio is going to suffer a lot for trying to be independent and for making a game exclusive to one console.

Contrast Remedy with Valve. They're small and independent, but their games are on multiple platforms and they also own STEAM, so they make a good deal of money from that.

Remedy are a small team that should NOT be independent. Insomniac have an excellent working relationship with Sony and are more second party than third party. They're larger than Remedy and they have 2 successful IPs under them. They've also decided to go multiplat so it kind of works against you to use them as an example.

Small, independent studios who stick to one console are going to fail, and Remedy should hope that they get bought out.

KingZFlipper2863d ago

It's quite hard to not be a Independent studio if the studio is in Finland. I mean, look at all the popular Finnish game developers:

Bugbear: Independent
Frozenbyte: Independent
Redlynx: Independent
Remedy: Independent

Elven62862d ago

kaveti6616: So being independent automatically means failure? How does that make sense? There are plenty of developers who have stuck solely to the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and made a lot of money as a result. Remedy is a small studio of less than 50 people, they don't need the same budget to stay afloat as a larger studio.

And a PC game doesn't need Steam to succeed at all, the amount of PC gamers who will only buy games via Steam and never on anything else is very niche. It's like going to Gamestop to buy Alan Wake for example, realizing they don't have the game in stock and not even bothering to check the Best Buy right next to it.

And I think it's safe to say the PC cancellation was as a result of Microsoft and not Remedy. The game'll likely release the PC eventually since most of the work has already been done.

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Convas2863d ago

Alan Wake 2! Hell yes Motherfawkers! Sorry for the outburst, but I AM EXCITED!!! I can't wait to see what it is! They had some problems, but if they can make necessary improvements, keep the story amazingly mental, add in more variety to the enemies, and keep the dialog that made AW so great, it'll be a BIG winner.

0oAngeluso02863d ago

The first one was amazing, I really enjoyed it. So refreshing in a lot of ways. I know a sequel would be even better, now that they have a clear direction and know what they want to do with it. Kind of how Uncharted 1 was pretty good, but hit it's stride with Uncharted 2. I can see Alan Wake 2 hitting the mark like that. Good news.

Solidus187-SCMilk2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

I really enjoyed AW and am glad we are starting to see signs of AW 2.

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