What Was “Next Gen”?

The Married Gamers writer: John Catuira writes on Next Generation gaming. What is Next Generation gaming? Have we achieved it in this “generation” of gaming? And what does Next Generation gaming mean? Does it mean the software, the hardware, the interactivity with both or all the above?

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big_silky2892d ago

we made baby steps with animation and storytelling but games are still plagued with relics like invisible walls, lackluster a.i., shoot the weakpoint enemies and "black or white" morality choices.

MysticStrummer2892d ago

I'd say they made more than baby steps with animation and storytelling, along with graphics in general, but I agree about the AI and morality choices not being much better than last generation, if they were better at all. I haven't noticed that many invisible walls recently, but there are still places in games where it looks like you should be able to climb something but you can't. I guess that's kinda the same thing though. To me, "next generation" means something that couldn't have been done properly in the previous generation. When I put Oblivion in my PS3, I knew the next generation was here. Morrowind was better in some ways, but the environment of Oblivion could not have been done in the previous generation. The AI on the other hand... not so much. This generation has been more about advancement in graphics than advancement in gameplay. I'm hoping next generation the gameplay will catch up some, since I don't think graphics will make such a big leap next time.