Call of Duty: Black Ops Minimum System Requirements revealed

Gamersmint : Direct2Drive has just published the minimum requirements for Black Ops.

Get them below -

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DevilsOwn2898d ago

My GTX 460 will breeze through this without a sweat.

getonmylev3l2898d ago

My GTX 470 will breeze through this without a sweat.

Fishy Fingers2898d ago

Minimum, sod that, 1920x1080 maxed out 60FPS :)

cyborg2898d ago

Same here, my 280GTX can breeze through this baby. Dedicated server matches, here I come baby!

prongs1232898d ago

while not entirely an breeze..but i guess Black Ops can be contained in my lappy :S.

theonlylolking2898d ago

Those are very small requirments. If ONlive has black ops for sale I bet many people with weak PC will run to onlive.

Fishy Fingers2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Doubtful, onlive has hardly been a big success, if your PC isnt up to scratch you'd likely get it on a console or buy a GPU for £100 and run it with no problems.

tacosRcool2898d ago

Yea since my computer is 3 years old and only has an AMD dual core and a 9600GT

theonlylolking2898d ago

Pretty much all PC multiplats are better than consoles.

Also for you PC gamers that are like consoles are weak. Well I bet if killzone 3, GT5, GOW3, and some others could be played on PC then you would need a powerful PC to run those games at its best.

The only reason crysis needs high requirements is because it has big draw distances that are being run in real time and not that good optimization that the devs did. Crysis does not look amazing anymore. I dont think the trees look that great either. The game still looks great though.

Upbeat2898d ago

so your saying that kz3, gt5 and gow3 cant be run on pc? my gpu is 3 years old and i could run them games full at 1080p no sweat, with more fps than the ps3 can run it at, and it was build for playstation. ps3 couldnt run a game like crysis like the pc can, and thats a fact

Triggs2898d ago

PS3 is 2005 Technology released in 2006. Before anyone over reacts, I have a PS3 that I game on, too.

theonlylolking2898d ago

@ upbeat. I never said it cant be done I just said it would take a pretty strong PC to run those. Yeah your PC could run them since its 3 years old not on a nearly 5 year old hardware. PS3 could run crysis just not in 1080p at 60fps.

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The story is too old to be commented.