Sony Ericsson PSP Phone Concept

Sony Ericsson seems to have really stimulated some designers' creativity, as a lot of people are developing phones based on this company's device lines. An appealing PSP phone concept has just sprung over the Internet, although there are high chances for the handset producer to ignore it just as it has done with all the others until now.

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ktchong3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

That's suicidal.

Sony should try to finish the fight with Microsoft (Xbox 360), Nintendo (Wii), and Toshiba (HD DVD) first before trying to take on another major opponent, Apple.

Also, Apple is currently a backer of Sony's Blu-ray. If Sony crosses the line and steps on Apple's turf, Apple will likely pay back by switching over to HD DVD.

ALI-G3859d ago

but who is going to make the battries ?
i do not wannt to put tickin bomb in my pocket(near my nuts).

BulletToothtony3859d ago

you should start your own 900 number and foretell the future for living.. that's quite some imagination you got there

AllroundGamer3859d ago

with the PS2 sales they already finished the fight loong ago :D

MK_Red3859d ago

I like the look and design. Sexy IMO. Great find.

risk3859d ago

looks like a gameboy Micro.

boi3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

I think they can do it...maybe...because the Sony Ericsson phones over here (UK) are popular with their top notch mp3 feature :)

but this concept sure it looks nice but won't feel nice...and it kinda looks awkward...its the buttons lol what they need is to get rid of the buttons maybe and have it slide out instead...

Mr Murda3859d ago

We're talking about the biggest phone out there. Not that practical or needed.

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