Further story details emerge for Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright

GamerZines writes:

Whilst it was only announced just a few hours ago, the first details regarding the storyline of Level-5 and Capcom's crossover title, Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright have emerged.

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Cloudberry2899d ago

"It rests upon Professor Layton to solve puzzles in order to make sense of it all, whilst Wright finds himself defending a person accused of witchcraft."


Sounds awesome.

They're back-to-back supporting each other a-la Super Robot Wars series, lol.

rockleex2898d ago

Breath of Fire 5!!!! >:D

And Dark Cloud 3!!!! >:D

FiftyFourPointTwo2899d ago

Who would've seen this coming. MvC3, SFxT and now this. This is what I love about Capcom.

Too bad Phoenix was ruled out in MvC3. T__T

Leafhopper2899d ago

He would have been a worthless slot anyway.

FiftyFourPointTwo2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

To you he is, but believe me he was one of the most requested characters at CapcomUnity. But the producer didnt deconfirm the Ace Attorney franchise, just something to think about if someone other than Phoenix will be in MvC3.

Monster Hunter, Power Stone and Breath of Fire I believe were all deconfirmed for MvC3.

rockleex2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Why WOULDN'T they want Monster Hunter, Power Stone, or Breath of Fire characters?!?!? >_<

Cheeseknight282898d ago

Apparently they strongly considered putting Phoenix and Franziska for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Pity they didn't put them in, because then I would have bought the game.

Viddharto2898d ago

That would be ABSOLUTELY awesome!!!

AceofStaves2899d ago

I can't wait for this. What a great crossover. Both franchises are wonderful on their own, but combined? I now have a new 'most anticipated' game.

Invader_Quirk2899d ago

I'm looking forward to the imminent animated cutscenes with Phoenix.

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The story is too old to be commented.