Oprah: Xbox 360 With Kinect For The Audience

Following the somewhat surprising news that Microsoft somehow convinced Oprah to showcase its Kinect controller technology on national TV, the audience was told it could take home an Xbox 360 including Kinect. It's not a car, but hey, that's not bad either.

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awiseman2711d ago

I h8 oprah idk y I just do....

darthv722711d ago

If I was given a car by oprah then I would like her even more than being given a 360/kinect.

I still could not believe that one. She gave everyone in the audience a freakin car!

Redrum0592711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

i hate oprah too, mainly because she hates rap music and brought Ludacris on her show just to dis him on tv.

OT: so kinect givaway by oprah, i wander how many "new IPs worth of cash" was spent to buy her into doing this. Ironic how shes showcasing this when everyone know her fatass cant play kinect games.

@disagrees, i didnt know N4G had middle aged nagging women in its community.

Terarmzar2711d ago

mostly Mainstream rap sucks, there are a few that are actually talented.

darthv722711d ago

Not all rap. I dont prefer the really offensive type but I do like a little heavy D now and then. 2 live crew is as far as I will go only because they are funny to listen to. NWA was rough but look at how Ice cube has changed since then.

Funny rap is always a smile maker. Jazzy jeff, kid and play. etc.

But yeah, thats going back in the day.

douchedebater2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Off Topic

Okay first off "A Wise Man" doesn't make dumbass statements like I hate someone but I don't know why. How the hell can you hate someone (HATE OF ALL WORDS) and not know why. That is simply immature and ignorant, what are you 12 years old?

@Reddrum059 - You hate Oprah because she doesn't like rap music (she doesn't even hate rap music, she just doesn't like it.) Do you hate "EVERYONE" that doesn't like rap music to include some of your family members? (I'm sure there's someone in the Fam that doesn't like rap music.) Once again an immature and ignorant choice of words obviously used by a"junenile" (no pun intended with juvenile)

As I got older I learned to appreciate music from all genres, it's amazing how much more you can enjoy life when you take off the blinders.

@darthv72 - haha, man you old school huh? What about Biggy and Pac?

On Topic, I think it's cool that she gave everyone in the audience a 360 with kinect, I wonder how many people got tickets to the show that are gamers expecting this to happen being that she is always giving stuff away.

Redrum0592711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

no i dont hate ppl that dislike rap music, but oprah tried humiliating ludacris on her show, and for that i dislike her.
Eminem should mention her in one of his songs.

and for the record, my favorite ganre is actualy rock, rap comes second. i also listen to many other types of music too, so the juvenile and blinders comment are completely thrown out the window.

the fact that you have 4bubbles like i do just proves that you arent so wise to speak either, you probably lost it due to some fanboyish comment. if you were so mature and smart you would have 7-9bubbles like alpha-male does so you can stop posing now.

douchedebater2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

@Redrum059 - Bubbles never came to mind when I was talking to you, you are the one that brought up bubbles. If you think bubbles on this site is a direct reflection of how mature you are, then you are dumber than I first gave you credit for.

Feel free to take a bubble if it makes you feel better about who you are. You made an ignorant ass comment and I called you out on it. Deal with it (man to man not bubble to bubble)

I'm glad that Alpha-Male is your hero, I noticed recently that someone hit Alpha-Male for a couple of bubbles, what do you supposed was the cause of that? Did he make an imature comment, or did some random person that hates people for no reason (like yourself obviously) attack him.

Either way, you need to grow up son, I could care less about your bubble or mind for that matter.

I guess it's time to log onto your other accounts and get some work done huh?

haha, bubbles...Really?

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LordMarius2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Oh Damn, Is there a rock I can hide to avoid all this pushing MS will be doing, Kinect success is guaranteed but I dont want it shoved down my throat

Perjoss2711d ago

grab some free roam games with tons to do in them (fallout 3, gta4, read dead etc), also some 50+ hour RPGs and lots of bottles of water and tons of cans of beans, fruit and anything else with a long 'use by' date and just lock yourself away. While your at it might as well do this underground, if there is a nuclear war or giant asteroid collision you will be golden.

JeffGUNZ2710d ago

Give me a break LordMarius. This is WHY Microsoft sells better in USA. They know how to market their product. You know how brilliant that move was to put it on oprah? All the mothers who watch that show will see how "cool" it looks and some will go out and buy that for their kids for Christmas. They are marketing casual gamers aswell, and what is better than the Oprah show?

People start bagging on Microsoft when they support their products. Give me a break, Sony has really done NOTHING to make the MOVE look somewhat interesting to the casual audience. I bet we will hardly see any GT5 commericials and/or Killzone 3 commercial. It's a shame, the marekting department for Sony is an absolute joke.

logikil2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

I called this yesterday. Word of mouth advertising is king.

@Ellen will do the exact same thing on her show. As for the disagree, not surprised i suppose. Only on N4G would someone disagree with a statement like "The sky is blue."

Game-ur2711d ago

i disagree , the sky is black

moparful992711d ago

technically the sky isn't blue.. Its an optical illusion that is created by the gasses that are abundant in the atmosphere.... just sayin...

Rip-Ridah2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Hate is such a powerful and destructive word. It is also why mankind has had the brutal and violent history it does. I'm in no way, shape, or form some Oprah supporter; but to say she "sucks" and you "h8 oprah" but don't know why is extremely juvenile and ignorant. I'm not calling u those terms but your actions towards a person you don't even know are juvenile and ignorant. (Your name is somewhat ironic.)

Redrum0592711d ago

she hates rap music,
so i hate oprah

...your point?

gamingdroid2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

... and that just about sums up the problem with our world!

Rip-Ridah2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

What are you man 12 years old? Seriously. I really hope that your statement was a joke. I honestly think that you feel you were being witty. Todays rap music is pretty horrible in my opinion. Hell, most of todays mainstream music is trash. Redrum, I was once what most rappers talk about in some of their songs. Only difference was, I was living it and DOING it while many only front. I feel and understand the need for expression in the black/urban community, trust me. But I'm not going to go around hyping and highlighting my past deeds cuzz it only landed me with a prison sentence and multiple threats on my life. This is my opinion, and I think that "hating" a person because they dislike something that you do is foolish and unwise. I had a great deal of hate for many that hated the color blue. It got me nowhere homie. Real talk. But you're your own person so do you. This will go in one ear and out the other probably. Hopefully not.

OT: Oprah Winfrey, Kinect, and Xbox 360. /s

Redgehammer2711d ago

of you that hate on Oprah because "insert asinine reason here" crack me up. Oprah has done wonderful things for people, and I am sure she has left an indelible mark on history. I agree that hate is a word that should not just be bandied about so casually; concordantly, neither should the word love, for they both are powerful.

nycredude2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Why don't you guys go file complaint or something every time someone has an opinion that doesn't gel with yours. He hates oprah cause she hates rap. So what it's his "opinion" and you don't like him for it, which is your "opinion". Get over it. Where you from North Korea or something?

He might not know "oprah" but she has a very popular show on which she express her opinions on a lot of issues and matters that know doubt many agrees with, and many disagrees with. It's call a difference in opinion. Don't come on here trying to call someone out for having one.

Hate is just a word like many others that are in the dictionary. Actions speaks way louder than words. I hate rapists, but I also hate broccoli. I dread eating asparagus, but mostly I can't stand string beans. Some of Oprah's views makes sense but I especially hate her stance on Rap. I love driving but I hate driving in traffic!

You guys need to lighten up on N4g.

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lastdual2711d ago

But Oprah is one of, if not the most powerful names in marketing.

Anyways, if you really needed any more confirmation that Kinect is not aimed at you, there it is. I'm sure people will continue to bash it, but it's kind of like bashing Farmville at this point. The intended audience won't care.

Biggest2711d ago

I think the "bashing" aspect comes more from the "praise" some give to the product. Everyone knows that people buy dumb shit because there isn't much else to do. That in itself is fine. It becomes bash-worthy when certain people, and they know who they are, think the dumb shit is now awesome because their favorite company says it is. The Kinect is supposed to be controller-free, lag-free, precision video gaming with offerings for the core and casual crowds alike. If it was explained as it really is, a controller for people that want to have fun jumping/moving around in front of their televisions, there would be no bashing. It is exactly that. If people submitted articles about Farmville being the next big thing in core gaming, it too would be "bashed" into oblivion.

yippiechicken2710d ago

That's the point. Everything you just said STILL won't make any kind of difference to the intended audience of the products.

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PS360fanboy2711d ago

Microsoft is overadvertising it...and not in the most original ways.

I still don't want it and think it will fail in the long term. But heym good luck to them!

JeffGUNZ2710d ago

How can you over advertise a product? That makes no sense. They are pushing a product that they worked years on. This is brilliant. You may dislike Microsoft, but their marketing department is stellar.

GiggMan2711d ago

I guarantee Oparah doesn't feel the same way about you or anyone else that "hate" on her... She is too busy being rich.

Fan Tastic2711d ago

Good job MS, you just guarenteed 5 million sells to obese people that will never actually use Kinect.

tacosRcool2711d ago

Operah is sexist anyways. She would only give women a 360 since they are the only ones that are in the audience. Microsoft must have promised her things to show off this sad piece of tech to the masses being women

Fan Tastic2711d ago

Oprah on demand through Xbox Live Platinum service?

mayberry2711d ago

oprah's sexist followers are destined for divorce court when their husbands eventually find "real" women that are "feminine" not "masculine". A woman can be feminine and strong mentally at the same time. some of her comments are so off base, its laughable that anyone pays any attention to her.

Biggest2711d ago

She's sexist because, according to you, only women attend her show? Wouldn't that make the men that refuse to attend the show the sexists? And yes, Microsoft promised to pay her for showing the Kinect. That's what advertising is. Lord knows that Microsoft loves to advertise.

harrysmith2711d ago

The rest of the world don't watch Oprah or worship her. Yes there is more countries out there

gamerzBEreal172710d ago

more "sales" when most of those people (ophra's fanbase) wouldn't even buy KINECT in the first place?

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Zir02711d ago

Aren't they lucky getting it one month early.

jack_burt0n2711d ago

ummm no, they have nothing to play but the abysmal pack in game, come to think of it they dont have anything to "play" after that its just fitness software.

big_silky2711d ago

it was on oprah? wii-level frenzy this christmas guaranteed.

rroded2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

fact is oprah is a religion literally for millions...

good marketing wonder how much of the 500 mil it cost?

guitarded772711d ago

Oprah wipes her ass with 500 million.

bailoutbenny2711d ago

I don't think Oprah wipes her ass with 1/5 of her net worth. If she did, she would be broke after one turd.

nycredude2711d ago


I can't believe guitarded77 got 13 agrees and bailoutbenny got 3 disagrees.

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Convas2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Look, you may not like all the things MS has done this generation. Holding games back by sticking with DVD9 over HD-DVD, Keeping Xbox Live closed, so devs like VALVe can't have a bit more freedom with DLC, and most of all raising the price (or charging at all) of/for Xbox Live.

But you got to hand it to them, they have a lot of money and a good marketing team. Oprah is like RRODED said, a religion for folks, especially women. This move is literally a master stroke of advertising and you can be sure that NOW, Kinect's Launch will be huge.

It's just a shame their really aren't any good games.

ocnkng2711d ago

Its just a lot of money.

Simco8762711d ago

I agree with you except for "best marketing teams in the industry"

Now if you throw enough money at something, its going to be great. Look at Red Dead Redemption's marketing.

Not to sound like a fanboy, but I think Sony and its Kevin Butler ads have been more of a marketing success. I mean Sony didn't throw half a billion dollars into making Kevin Butler what he is today. They did it with damn good marketing skills.

If anyone takes a marketing class.. they won't teach, just throw money at it and it works. They teach real marketing skills

tordavis2711d ago

Convincing Oprah to talk about your product is good marketing. Also, in marketing they teach you that it takes money to earn money. Sony pays for Kevin Butler and also pays for those ads.

ocnkng2711d ago

Love how you say 'convincing' Oprah. The bag of cash that got delivered is the real reason.

Pennywise2711d ago

Tor, you don't think Oprah was paid? Naive.

visualb2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

you'll only get a product appear on tv if you pay for it

thats how shows/channels make money/sustain themselves. or do you think money comes from the government?! =P

companies PAY for the presenter/show/channel to say the name of the product, PAY MORE for the product to be shown on TV

if you do not accept or understand this reality, thats your problem, but thats how it works for all shows all over tv.

Redgehammer2711d ago

find the K butler ads to be similar to political ads in the sense that they are rife with negativity, and every now and they crack me up. I freely admit to only viewing 4-5 commercials though, so maybe they are not all like that.

nycredude2711d ago


ok now that was a retarded comment. When was the last time a political add made you even chuckle. I'd rather put my d*ick in a blender than watch a political add or maybe masturbate with a cheese grater.

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AceofStaves2711d ago

Not all women view Oprah that way, just so you know. ;-)

I don't watch Oprah, though I respect how she's worked hard to achieve her success. Placing Kinect on Oprah's and Ellen's shows will increase its visibility with a certain demographic - though I'm not sure it has Wii Fit potential to attract non-gaming women yet.

This holiday season will be very interesting.

iceman062711d ago

Most of the Oprah watching crowd are the house mom types. They are the target audience because they have kids too. It's really a dual attack. Get the moms comfy with the tech and when the kids ask...there's no questions because Oprah had it on the show and it looked pretty cool. It's like an introduction to a product that is more personal than a commercial.

number472711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

MS screws over gamers, yet advertises their Webcam product well. So you have to hand it to them for that? "It's just a shame their really aren't any good games. " Gaming was about games before Microsoft joined. Now its about NPD sales data, and attach ratios.

Well. As a gaming enthusiast, simply, no. Sony & Nintendo could advertise like this if they wanted to, but they aren't in some race to win an image of success -in north america-. Microsoft can't let the product speak for itself, and when it does, they send cease and desist orders to websites that point out the flaws.

Strong arming the gaming world into acceptance/early adoption is a joke. Especially considering the game lineup of kinect. They want to get the Wii's audience, yet don't offer any of the games that could do so.

Kinects going to sell well, and I'll admit. I'd even buy it if I believed what its claimed to do. Unfortunately, it doesn't do any of it. Theres going to be a gigantic fall off after the holidays & MS knows this.

They just want to be able to say they were #1 this holiday season.

air12711d ago

Dude, are you listening to your self? I mean really... Just take a look at what you wrote! You mean to tell me sony isn't in it to be number one? Wtf is wrong with you ppl. And please tell me how micro screwed me over. The irony you have saying you are a gaming enthusiest, yet all you have is a ps3.

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