Can Power Gig Compete with Guitar Hero and Rock Band?

There’s a new challenger about to enter the ring of music games, but Power Gig: Rise of the Six String, otherwise known as, “That music game that uses a real f***king guitar!” has some serious competition.

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vicious69832898d ago

Go to your local Best Buy. Look for a game call Rock Revolution. Notice that it is in a $5 bin. That is what happens when you try to take on the already overpopulated music genre.

jaredhart2898d ago

Agreed. Sounds like instant FAIL!

big_silky2898d ago

not in any way,shape or form. /topic

CrzyFooL2898d ago

It's a shame the guy they interviewed will be out of a job in a few months lol!!!

greeneggsnsam2898d ago

Hm, perhaps among really hardcore musicians but it's just missed its chance with the mainstream.

Nostradavis2898d ago

Can pocket lint compete with toe fungus?

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