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Ex: "Some claim that “Fallout: New Vegas” is too much like “Fallout 3.” That sentiment is definitely true. Even with the new content it brings, the gameplay and the graphics are almost identical to that of its 2008 Game of the Year Award Winning predecessor. But wait. Stop and re-read that again, and then ask yourself if that really is such a bad thing."

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tehk1w12897d ago

Going to go pick it up right now!

BeOneWithTheGun2897d ago

Got home, played for a couple hours and couldn't keep my eyes open. Up now, day off from work. Have to go grocery shopping n then it's game time. Hell yea!

tacosRcool2897d ago

PS3 doesn't get DLC for now...

Queasy2897d ago

I tried to do Fallout 3 but I simply don't have the free time anymore to dedicate to massive RPGs that take a huge amount of hours to complete.

Sadly, I won't touch New Vegas as a result. :(

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gravv2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )


you seems bored with reach already...

i love fallout and would like to buy this day 1 but the inevitable goty version hinder me to do that..... nice score btw

BubbleSystemSuck2897d ago

im not American..
how mauch is B+?
dont know that scale.

1 to 10, how much is?

BubbleSystemSuck2897d ago

thanks... cant wait to platinate this "again"

100% on Fo3