Prince of Persia Trilogy Boxart Revealed

TheSixthAxis has what looks to be the official boxart for the European PS3 exclusive.

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archemides5182830d ago

US RELEASE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

TreMillz2830d ago

On why its EU only from a 3rd party punlisher....sure you wany as much sales no? Unless NA is getting the Splinter Cell Collection exclusive...

DigitalAnalog2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

And how underwhelming it was according to Eurogamer. I don't feel so confident about this. Hopefully Ubisoft introduces proper HD or better HD textures on top.

-End statement

Quagmire2830d ago

EA brought MOH Frontline HD, not Ubisoft.

2830d ago
KillerPwned2830d ago

Wont this work on US PS3`s I wanna import this.

Eamon2830d ago

yeah, PS3 games are region-free so you'll need to import.

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