THQ: Homefront Plays Like a Movie

During todays press conference, THQ discussed Homefront and it's new studio direction.

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JLesinski2828d ago

THQ really seems to be pulling it together. As long as the games will be good, I don't care who makes them.

lostinplace2828d ago

This game is gonna be sick

DTMBSquid2828d ago

This game is sounding better with every bit of new info.

xxxAnubisxxx2828d ago

Yeah, THQ definitely seems headed in the right direction. good for them, I wish them luck

DavidMacDougall2828d ago

So it will be good for 1 playthrough then?

xxxAnubisxxx2828d ago

You only watch movies once? Even the great ones? What about TV syndication?

If a movie is great, it gets rerun numerous times and gets thousands of views. If a game is great, people will do the same thing.

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