Game Ratings Do Not Cut It When Bad Parents Have Their Way

gamrFeed - "I have a daily internet ritual where I open a ton of tabs, mostly related to this site somehow, and get caught up on news and E-mails. One of the many sites I read at this time is Fail Blog, a site that revels in the humor behind some of life’s most ridiculous mess-ups. What I saw on here yesterday was a true “epic fail”, a fail so bad that it actually sort of pissed me off. Behold the glory:"

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big_silky2893d ago

any time some punter sounds off about kids playing violent video games, send them this article.

Myst2893d ago

In a way I agree with this, but in the same sense I don't really. Some parents certainly could stand to have their children watch or play "bad" games, but in that same instance they would have to educate them on what is happening and explaining to them the difference of reality and fantasy. If it is all based upon some real life scenarios for example let's say Grand Theft Auto they should also explain the repurcisons of smoking and drinking as well as what happens when it is mixed with driving.

See this is the step that I think most parents forget to do and allow their kids to run like wild hogs. Thankfully I was able to watch and play "mature" rated games, but my older sister as well as my parents explained the differences and implications that I have stated above.

So I don't think it's perhaps wrong, it's a safety net and most parents can certainly abide to it if they want. Though if they chose not to the fault still lays upon them two-fold for not educating and allowing not the game makers. Sometimes these violent games are a good way to let out a bit of steam, certainly much better than self-destruction or assault.

extermin8or2893d ago

See i agree to some extent, when a 9 year old ect is playing an 18 its too far, but if say that child is 15 or 16 and the parents deem them to be mature enough for games that they have seen first then fair enough, but I don't think its as black and white as many people think it is.

O-D-C2893d ago

Unfortunately true....

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