Magic: The Gathering coming to PlayStation Home “Really Soon”

It’s been recently announced at New York Comic Con that the legendary card game Magic: The Gathering is heading to PlayStation Home in the very near future.

Expect to see this space in the US “really soon”. No more details about features or availability is currently known, but we shall be keeping a keen eye open for this one.

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liquidxtension2895d ago

Being a regular mtg fan, I might wanna go onto home.

Myst2895d ago

If it's the same as the 360 version be weary. They only allow you to add and subtract cards that you have earned I couldn't construct a deck whatsoever. Though it was a fun game, if it's changed to allow it then I think I'll be setting up a home in home for quite some time as well.

sinncross2893d ago

So what? its like the card mini games in FF 8/ 9 but instead with magic and in home?

thats pretty sweet

cubehouse2894d ago

Has a lot of potential to be something really great.

Hope it offers something of a half-decent Magic: The Gathering experience.