Netflix Boosts PS3 in Console War with Streaming, Disc-less Content

Netflix has just announced that you can now stream their content onto the PlayStation 3 and Wii... disc-less! That's right, you can throw out those ancient red discs supplied by the rental provider. The new app allows PS3 and Wii owners the flexibility to watch TV Shows and Movies without getting up from your couch after playing a game. We'll explain how to get the application for both the PS3 and Wii below and also why the PS3 is the elite console for Netflix.

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SpinalRemains1382745d ago

I signed up last night for the Netflix service on my PS3 and it really is an amazing thing. 9 bucks for unlimited monthly viewing is totally kickass!

Fios and Cablevision can suck my German balls with their 5 dollar SD rentals! Netflix streaming is totally the best, most efficient way to rent movies or television shows. This is great stuff, but somehow ppl will find a way to turn this into a console war.