Super Meat Boy Kicks Off With A Sale on XBLA

As a thank you to all the fans, Team Meat has decided to put Super Meat Boy on sale when it launches, until November–a move never before taken on XBL. Good news for all you folks wary of high DLC prices, right?

“So, recently we have been talking to MS about eventual sales and the future of Super Meat Boy, we wanted to be able to do something special for Xmas,” says Edmund, SMB creator, on the Meat Blog, “but it felt like a sale only 2 months after launch would be a kinda shitty thing to do to the fans who just bought it.”

So, what’s the sale price? 800 MS points: that’d be 10 dollars.

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is freaking tough, and i am really not that far. 800 msp today only act now.