BBC: Kinect for Xbox 360 Tested

This week BBC was given exclusive access to the most exciting piece of technology being released this year: Kinect for Xbox 360 (formally known as project Natal.) They had a good play around with it and found out if it's worth the hype.

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a08andan2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

It was kinda hard to see if it lagged or not. But one thing really stood out to me. All the games looked very similar in style and they all seemed to be casual-games. It is nothing wrong with playing casual games but that is not my cup of tea. It does seem like they have sorted out the worst of the lag, which is a good thing ofc, although as I said, it was kinda hard to see. Bad angles and not seeing their movement and the tv at the same time (most of the time. You could see both at some points) makes it kinda hard to judge really.

I am still waiting for a title that will sell Kinect to me but there is a lot of potential in this, especially for kids as the games seems like the type that would be enjoyed by younger gamers.

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Optical_Matrix2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

You just summed up why I despise Xbox 360 Fanboys.

I'm not excited at all for Kinect but this impressions + Half a BILLION dollars. Sony is gonna get cemented in third place for ever. Sad because i couldn't give a crap for the lineup, but it's the reality.'

Like all the others, all you care about is Kinect selling and it beating anything Sony brings to the table. Despite the fact that these sales will do NOTHING to enrich your hardcore centric 360 gaming experience. Quite simply, you're not gamers. You'd rather sit there and wait for NPD and VGChartz sales than actually look forward to games. No wonder MS has nothing coming for you guys except for Gears 3.

They must be thinking 'well our current install base is full of retards that prefer sales to games, so lets give them sales instead of games because they obviously prefer that'.It's beyond pathetic.

gamingdroid2858d ago

Did you see the smile on their faces when they were playing the games?

That is all you need to know!

DatNJDom812858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

If i have to make my living room look like their testing room, then its not worth it. "the most exciting tech this year" REALLY?!?!?!?! There were so many things wrong with this video that its not even funny. I smell m$ pr all over this.

Motion2858d ago

"Did you see the smile on their faces when they were playing the games? That is all you need to know! "

I completely agree...I'd be laughing pretty hard at these shallow games too.

rockleex2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Its the bottom of an Avatar's shoe all over again.

Kinect is recognizing his skeletal system as "standing with legs crossed", but in reality he's actually standing with legs straight down.

The skeletal recognition system was TOTALLY off. And yes, there's still lag.

$500 million dollars spent on advertising. None of that went to actually making the product work.

Hades13372858d ago

So optical matrix calls the entire 360 fanbase retards and he gets a "well said"? This website is fucking shite.

Optical_Matrix2858d ago

No Hades I didn't call the entire fanbase retards. I'm saying, that there are retards within the fanbase and those fanboys care about sales and sales only. Hence forth, Microsoft caters towards them rather than the 360 gamers that actually care about games.

Redgehammer2858d ago

that is not an accurate discription of their conclusion, quite the opposite really.

hoops2858d ago

Odd. Thats not what the article itself said LOL
But go on. Hate it anyways. LOL

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nickjkl2858d ago

1 minute in and that was the most WTF theing i have ever heard

military, hospitals, and banks were trying to get their hands on the technology of kinect

so a camera

rezzah2858d ago

I know, that stood out for me too.

Motion2858d ago

Also, considering this tech has been on the market for years, and turned down by every company that looked into it.

mirroredderorrim2858d ago

There's going to be a few million "bAaAaAaAaAaaaas" this holiday season.

chidori soukou2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

it does look a bit laggy, which is quite disappointing IMO...

foker2858d ago

A bit? looks a lot to me,.. at that rafting jumping,.. holy shit,..
Lag should be damn measured in seconds,..

RageAgainstTheMShine2858d ago

$100,000.00 budget for most gaming media to shut up & give no review nor critique on Kinect before it comes out.

What is M$ hiding Kinect from?

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DontShoot-Me-Bro2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

hehe :$

there was a little lag, for example

0:30, when the guy in the white shirt with black sleeves was jumping, it was like half a second later he jumped on screen.

lmao look how boring table tennis looks!, its like you stand in 1 position and just hit the ball back and forth, no movement at all!

but to be fair this is really good, not worth £129.99, but its quite good...for a little kid.

kids under 12 would have fun with this. (so maybe 25% of the xbox user base)

edit: @a08andan, you are correct, it didnt affect the this game. but it just shows that if it does have even a noticeable lag like that, then this tech will NEVER work with AAA titles. ppl might say they might patch something in it later, but i doubt that will help it.

a08andan2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Yeah that was kinda obvious, but it didn't seem to affect the gameplay as in you failing because of it.

What I didn't like was the beachvolleyball-game. I really didn't like the fact that the game told me to jump like that. I hope that you can turn options like that off so we get some challenge.

Edit: @hasj1990, yeah it won't work with certain types of games, but until we see a game like that, it is really hard to tell if they are gonna make it work or not though.

niceguywii602858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

LMAO ... Dry your eyes and man up... What are you 12? deal with it and go to the PS3 section. Never seen a group of people so angry and scared of something.


Yes so angry I spend 24/7 chasing after PS3 news trying force my opinion on you, tracking every single MOVE article because I fear it will cement the 360 in last place ;)

All my angry 360 fans and I troll in droves and our army of angry trolls sits and waist for PS3 news articles so we can overwhelm them with rabid moronic attacks outnumbering the PS3 fans in the PS3 articles lol

Simco8762858d ago

Please wii360, you have been angry since the dawn of time. Go play Halo or something

D4RkNIKON2858d ago

Pot calls the Kettle black.

AceofStaves2858d ago

No, you just like to troll in PS3 and Move articles because it makes you feel better about your console of choice.

Bigpappy2858d ago

Yet they are some of the most level headed people on this site. I am sure there are some PS3 fans out there, other that AlfaMale, who are capable of this skill. They are just drowned out by the noisy majority.

On Topic: there are plenty of positive Kinect previews out there.

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Zir02858d ago

More and more positive previews are coming in now that the bugs are being ironed out. Like BBC said, its VERY unlikely this won't be a success.

rockleex2858d ago

It BETTER be a success.

And no, none of the bugs have been sorted out.

Just look at the video's thumbnail and you'll see the same exact "Bottom Of An Avatar's Shoes" bug right there.

gta_manic2858d ago

remember there episode on the epidemic of YLOD and how unreliable PS3 hardware is...also injecting a multi-million marketing campaign helps sell stuff at times.

Super-Brad2858d ago

He/She is referring to the BBC Watchdog episode where they said how bad the PS3 and the YLOD, they did exaggerate the truth and also display a repairment procedure which still doesn't fix a YLOD PS3 entirely.

gta_manic2858d ago

ya and if you look closely enough you could see the strings from the puppeteers...

OhReginald2858d ago

thats nice how they are in a nice huge empty office space, complete with adjustable lighting. How about showing it somehwere where people are going to be "playing" this thing in a realistic gaming environment...

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