Kinectimals Limited Edition Maltese Tiger Revealed

Since the original unveiling of Kinectimals at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) earlier this year, it has long been known that the limited edition retail package would include one of the plush toys that offer an additional animal to be unlocked in the game. Now, Microsoft has revealed that that plush toy will be based on a Maltese Tiger.

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Keith Olbermann2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

But on a serious note..mwaaaahahaha.
Well...I did preorder the LBP2 collectors edition for the plush sacboy...soooo...I shouldnt be laughting I guess.

rekonizakilla2891d ago

I was well burnt about gt5 being delayed, but this more than makes up for it.

Seriously though, What the feck happened to people?

DORMIN2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Cool guys! Now I can put my CoD nightvision goggles on the tiger and then put the tiger on my CoD RC car and inject my tiger with some DR2 Zombrex!

/epic sarcasm. Funniest part is I bet someone will be doing that =/

JustAGamer2891d ago

If anything, its the reason gt5 was delayed

BillOreilly2891d ago

what the hell is wrong with you people trolling a kids game? this isnt for 360 fans its for their kids or to show consumers the 360 isnt just a hardcore system its for everybody. why buy a 360 and wii for your kids when ma has yoga, dad has gears, and your daughter can play this. ive never seen so many people who hate that they are not the only consumer in the world. the world dosnt revolve around you and why cant a kids ame get made. id buy this for my niece btw.

Redlogic2891d ago

I want this!!!!

im kidding, but seriously...i want it

360nPS3rTheSAME2891d ago

couldn't have thought of a worse name

Imperator2891d ago

GOTY right there people. xD

jerethdagryphon2891d ago

same here i pre ordered so ill have both a lbp1 limited edion sackboy plushy and a lbp2 one :)

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Bloodlyte2891d ago

Teaching kids that playing with tigers is O.K.!!!!

The next visit to the Zoo should be interesting.

darkcharizard2891d ago

is a perfect example of shovelware.

actual_gamer2891d ago

Still personified through PS3 Minis

DaBadGuy2891d ago

That is what's known as natural selection. When a kid walks up to a tiger to pet it saying "Skittles" and the tiger bites clean through the kids skull, that's natures way of saying, "Stop being stupid."

Does it seem cold, probly.

Will another child ever go within biting distance of a tiger again, probly not.

If one needs to be the example for the others, then que sera sera.

........stoicism is fun.

JustAGamer2891d ago

Monkey-dog-kitten thingies instead right?

Moonboots2891d ago

I always thought they were Monchichi rip-offs.

Anyway, this is a great idea and going to make kids OD on cuteness.. It's a shame it's only the limited edition. They should of put one with every game.

Bzone242891d ago

COD - Teaching kids that guns are cool. Lets blame the next shooting on COD.

GT5 - Teaching kids that driving fast is really fun. Can't wait till a kid steals his parents car and tries to imitate what they saw in this game. (Well if they ever see this game with the delays it's having.)

Just wanting to point out that your argument can be applied to any game out there and that it's a pretty stupid argument for you to make.

Gamehead362891d ago

call of duty-rated M, kids shouldnt be playing

gran turismo-aimed at adults

kinectimals-DIRECTLY aimed at kids

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mjolliffe2891d ago

Dear me, I wasn't expecting this...

Karooo2891d ago

teddy bears are better