Fallout maxxed out! New Vegas with maximum settings - 8AA, 15AF

PC Games has impressive screenshots showing Fallout: New Vegas in max settings with 8x Anti Aliasing and 15x Anisotropic Filtering. Check the link!

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branchedout2858d ago

This... Isn't exactly impressive.

It's only running in 1680x1050. And 8x AA and 15x AF... Also not impressive.

And the Fallout/Oblivion engines aren't ever really taxing.

T9X692858d ago

Yea, if you unequipped your weapon and looked at the environment from a distance, it really doesn't look to bad. Up close though, the game is ugly as hell lol.

toaster2858d ago

"Maxed out, 8xAA, 15xAF"
"Maxed out"

Reality: 1680x1050

This site is a disgrace to PC gaming.. how about 16xMSAA, 16xAF, 1920x1080 AT LEAST, 1920x1200 preferably and 2560x1600 as a special treat.

PCA2858d ago

They have 1080p-Shots?!

Fishy Fingers2858d ago

Hardly what you'd consider an impressive looking game/engine, but a quality experience none the less. At least there's a lack of jaggies.

Myst2858d ago

Hmm I do like that old world feeling I get from looking at the screenshots.

koehler832858d ago

All the processing and post-processing power in the world is irrelevant without some decent artists making decent assets.

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The story is too old to be commented.