The Top 5 Sexy Ladies of Gaming: Nariko, Lara, Samus, Ada & Rubi

Don't go getting any ideas, though -- most of today's heroines are more likely to chop you up and leave you for dead than entertain your ham-fisted attempts at pickup lines. Here are five video game vixens you definitely don't want to play around with.

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nix3977d ago

not only will they chop and leave us dead... they run away with 60 dollars too... q: oh.. i love them anyway! ((((((((:

ShiftyLookingCow3977d ago

thats why in GTA you can mow down a ho0ker after paying them

mohib3976d ago

Her thighs contains more poly than a whole scene of GEARS /BIOSHOCK

She has a se** figure

MK_Red3977d ago

My fave and absolute killer lady of games has been and will be Kerigan from StarCraft.
Also, they should have given Blood Rayne a nod or something IMO.

ShiftyLookingCow3977d ago

I can understand Nariko but h00ker from WET already in top 5? no way.

MK_Red3977d ago

Good point. We haven't even seen gameplay footage and most previews say the game is a bit generic. We have many other modern and high class gaming ladies...

tplarkin73976d ago

That list was lame. Wet? She has huge tattoos and the game could stink. How about DOA, Soul Calibur, and Rumble Roses?

PS360PCROCKS3976d ago

wow I totally disagree darth. I think Nariko is ugly as hell actually and I find her annoyingly colored red hair looks stupid. lol games pretty fun though, HARD but fun. On a side note I haven't seen that "wet" game yet...

ShiftyLookingCow3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

nariko is decent but WET female, the way they present her, she looks like a total h00ker. Even the girl who is more likely to be a h00ker from GTA theme on 360 looked better.

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