PC vs. PS3 vs. Xbox 360: Fallout - New Vegas graphics comparison

PC Games compares screenshots of the three different Fallout: New Vegas versions. Which platform renders best? Check the link!

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Philoctetes2828d ago

This is definitely not a game that anybody's buying for the graphics anyway.

toaster2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

WOW this game is ugly... the Gamebryo engine is definitely showing it's age.

djmindz2828d ago

and again ps3 version is the worst
did you see all those jaggies

AK462828d ago

And on the 360 version you can still see all those jaggies through the blur effect that's trying to hide it.

SpinalRemains1382828d ago

I haven't seen that many jaggies since Blaster Master.

specialguest2828d ago

The jaggies on the PS3 version is really bad. Lets hope the sacrifice in the AA means smoother frame rate.

Shadow02828d ago

fanboy. ps3 looks the best and i thought that was kind of obvious. i dont even notice this stuff while im playing either btw. and i own an xbox and a pc but its still kind a easy to see the the ps3 is showing the graphics off in the best way to me

B00M2828d ago

Hahaha, oh sorry you weren't trying to be funny, you were serious. PS3 version looks worst but only because of bad jaggies. Face it. No biggie.

Rifkens2827d ago

Update your ps3 hardware please, oh wait... not for another few years

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Upbeat2828d ago

As per usual The pc is the best looking one, but anyway ps3 and xbox is close, but id buy it on the ps3, cause the 360 would rrod running it

2828d ago
MegaMohsi2828d ago

i have an i7 930 + gtx 460 1gb + 8gb ram and it probably barely breaks a sweat running this game on max settings lol

The Creep2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

i have an amd phenom II 965 + 3850 256mb + 4gb ddr3 dominator ram and i can still run this 1080p maxed lool :D

pangitkqb2828d ago

And my balls swing like a pendulum.

Anyway, PC rocks!

Microsoft_Spokesman2828d ago

I have a Pentium 4 HT + NVidia GeForce 4 265MB + 512MB RAM and I can---not run this game :(

Nihilism2828d ago

F-ing .de site. I don't even know how to maximize the looks to me like they took the pic at looks worse than FO3 :S

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The story is too old to be commented.