TSA Review: Fallout: New Vegas

TSA Writes:
Fallout: New Vegas is a peculiar beast. It is so similar to its predecessor that it can be difficult to see where the development time was spent. While that is certainly not going to be seen as a problem for the millions of fans who spent hours with Fallout 3, it would be disingenuous to pretend that this is much more than a tweaked and relocated return to the Fallout universe.

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Philoctetes2896d ago

"The fact that the many issues with glitches and bugs weren’t ironed out of this release would be unforgivable if the core game wasn’t so tirelessly compulsive and complex. As it is, we have to warn our readers that there are some serious problems here. Your enjoyment of the game will largely depend on how much you’re willing to forgive the issues. If you don’t mind working around them then this could be a game of the year contender, otherwise, you might just think it’s broken."

I had no problem putting up with the glitchiness of FO3, so I'm hoping this one will be okay too. It's pretty embarassing for Bethesda/Obsidian that they couldn't at least get the freezing and framerate drops fixed this time around.

FunAndGun2896d ago

Same look as Fallout 3

Same gameplay as Fallout 3

Same technical issues as Fallout 3

At least they are consistent.

Pennywise2896d ago

FO3 was the glitchiest, console freezing game I have ever played. I refuse to support this dev with their rehash 2 years later. I am glad that reviewers are being honest for the most part with this game.

FO3 would not have been over 7/10 in my books. This game being the same thing should actually be less because the devs decided to reskin the mess that was FO3 and try to sell it to us for $60.

They didnt fix any of the technical problems. The gameplay is boring as hell. VATS is just a no skill involved horrible game mechanic. They have got to be kidding.

T9X692896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

That's because you have a PS3. Fallout 3 on PS3 was damn near broken, I was barley able to finish the game after having to hard reset my PS3 multiple times. I bought New Vegas for 360 and while the problems do exist, it's very playable. I'm not sure how the PS3 version of New Vegas is, but if it's anything like how Fallout 3 was on PS3, people aren't going to be happy.

@Baka-akaB - I know, but I played FO3 on 360 and PS3, and the PS3 version was barely playable. 360 version had it's problems, the same problems in New Vegas to be exact, but it's very playable. Not sure how the DLC was on 360 because I bought the GOTY edition for PS3. Point Lookout was borderline unplayable, which sucked because that was my favorite one. The only DLC that didn't have to many problems for me was Mothership Zeta.

Baka-akaB2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Ah ...a reviewer suddenly noticing bugs from the original they gave a free pass to , and passing the blame onto Obsidian , how refreshing .

The glitches are from bethesda , the good writing and rpg elements are from Obsidian .


The game was glitchy everywhere , including pc . And the 360's once exclusive dlcs always had a messy launch with huge bugs .

Pennywise2896d ago

Yeah, that is a typical ignorant N4G response T9X69. Disagree and blame it on me because I own a PS3. Don't put any blame on the developer. Blame the customer for thinking he would be getting a proper game when spending $60.00.

Ignorance is bliss I guess.

T9X692896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

I didn't blame anything on you. I said it was because you own a PS3 because Fallout 3 on PS3 was damn near broken, I know because I could barely finish the game. I've also played the 360 version, and it was glitchy, had frame rate issues, but it never really froze, where on PS3 it froze all the time. The only thing that is ignorant here is your thinking of me blaming you for FO3 problems because you own a PS3. If you would have bought FO3 for PC or Xbox 360, you would have enjoyed the game more because it wouldn't be freezing every 10 min.

Oh and FYI, I didn't disagree with you because of the technical problems, or because you own a PS3.......especially since I own one myself :/

I disagreed with you because of this.

"The gameplay is boring as hell. VATS is just a no skill involved horrible game mechanic. They have got to be kidding."

@Daver - I've heard from multiple people that the regular edition was just as bad as the GOTY, and I personally have only owned and played the GOTY Edition on PS3. Talking to people would make the game freeze, the game would freeze in VATS for 2-3 minutes, on Operation Anchorage the whole map disappeared and the camera rotated in circles and I had to let my game sit for 30 min before it went to normal or else I had to restart the entire game. Those problems were a big deal for me, which is why I got my money back after I beat it.

Daver2896d ago


To say it was unplayable on Ps3 is a big sentence... i played through all of it and i restarted my ps3 2 times.. would i have enjoyed it more without it in term of fun? hmm i dont think so, no big deal

Baka-akaB2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

"on Operation Anchorage the whole map disappeared and the camera rotated in circles and I had to let my game sit for 30 min"

Again something that happened on 360 too among many other bugs ...

The ps3 version was hardly unplayable , it was mostly more crashes than the other versions (wich shouldnt have happened in the first place of course) , and the game and especially it's dlcs , were a glitch fest everywhere .

Pennywise2896d ago

And BTW, I beat FO3 on my PS3. So yeah, its playable. But I had to reset once or twice a day. Annoying, especially when you lose progress.

Mr_Bun2896d ago

All I will say about FO3 is that it taught me to SAVE OFTEN.

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FwanK2896d ago

So... they are giving us more DLC?

NickX2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Yeah but Black Ops looks the same (or worse ) than MW2
Same gameplay as MW2
Same engine as WaW

But will reviewers have the balls to mark that game down for the same reasons they have marked down New Vegas?. I don't think so. They love to pull out the unoriginal card now and then , wave it around like a red card and punish games with it. But they put it away when it suits them for games like Call Of Duty

Kingdom Come2896d ago

Critics love Call of Duty titles, even though there has been no noticeable gameplay changes or interesting gameplay additions since Call of Duty 4. Black Ops will get more points just for having one slw motion section in campaign or a new mode in multiplayer. Call of Duty hast improved the FPS Genre for a LOBG time, but still, people insist on buying the same time after time... *Shakes Head*

SlickShoes2896d ago

I think what call of duty does now that its not innovating anything but its a pretty fun game and itll last you a fair while with its online play.

At least black ops is adding some new game modes, granted they are not reinventing the wheel but it looks like a decent game, it wont deserve the 10/10 it will inevitably get but its does more right than it does wrong. Fans of the series will enjoy a change of scenery and others will just enjoy the game for what it is.

Kingdom Come2896d ago

But you can bet it'll still be given them...

FragGen2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Unlike FO3, Black Ops is adding a lot of new features, modes, and user requests to the gameplay. Bots, dedicated servers, the theater mode, zombie mode, the currency system, wager matches, character customization may not turn you on but they are all new features Black ops has that MW2 did not.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY they are making an effort to at least MAINTAIN the engine (i.e. fix bugs and release updates). If you don't like COD games that's FINE lots of people don't but your comparison is not valid because no one is complaining about F:NV being unoriginal they are complaining about the developer knowingly offering a game built on a broken engine for sale in the case of the PS3 version. The fact that they were willing to make a sequel and not fix the bugs REEKS of a money grab on Bethesda's part. It's BS and it has been crossed off my "buy it new" list.

MasterD9192896d ago

If this were Fallout 4 I would agree with all of your statements but I have the same expectations I had for Fallout 3 for this game...For anyone not to see that nothing has changed from the trailers, photos and gameplay clips- you must be blind.

Aside from the small technical issues which should be no surprise from such a large game as this, its a great game.

The Fallout games have more content than most games do today so to me its worth it.