NXT Gamer: Alan Wake - The Writer DLC Review

NXT Gamer's Oliver reviews the season finale of Alan Wake, The Writer.

"Alan Wake ‘Series One’ finished rather abruptly. It managed to close up a storyline, but left many threads tangled, with Remedy assuring gamers that some resolution could be gained from The Signal, the first of two follow-up ‘season specials’. Whilst it did continue Wake’s nightmarish dilemma, it failed to openly resolve any gaping holes in the story, instead choosing to permit gamers to spend another two hours in the darkness, equipped with a flashlight and some rather inconspicuous floating text to deal with. The Writer promises to conclude Alan’s first run, closing the story and readying the audience for Season Two with another dose of Duracell batteries, shotguns, and the laboured panting of a pretty unfit horror author. But does it succeed?"

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Stuart57562896d ago

Alan Wake is so good, really hope they have a sequel.