GT Metroid Prime 3 Video Review: 9.6/10

Samus faces a true test of the Wii's capabilities in the epic conclusion to the Prime trilogy.

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MK_Red3947d ago

It's kinda funny how GameTrailer posted both preview and review of Metroid 3 in less than 2 hours!

TheMART3947d ago

Wii congrats with this AAA title!

marison3947d ago

According to Metacritics, considering score of 90 or more:
Wii: 3 games: Zelda, RE4 and Metroid Prime 3.
PS3: Only Oblivion.
360: 8 games.

Wii60_FTW3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Looks like Sony is doomed. What else is new. And look how some slave gave a disagree! he disagrees with reality? no AAA on ps3. deal with it, zombies.

Lex Luthor3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Damn!!! MP3 is getting around the same scores as Bioshock at this rate.
True Wii AAA!!!
Go Wii!!!

MK_Red3947d ago

I don't think so. BioShock started with tons of perfect 10s and if it wasn't for stupid GameSpot and their 9/10, it would have beatend Zelda OoT.
Still, Metroid is gonna be one of the best games of 2007 and personally, I think it deserves high scores it's getting. For now, we have 2 GOTY worthy games reviewed: Metroid Prime 3 and BioShock.

Trick Nolte3947d ago

I was just on GT a lil while ago and they only had the preview up, so I wasnt goin to check 4 the review til later. Another great Review.

MK_Red3947d ago

Thanks, I was at GT and only saw the preview. Hit the refresh and suddenly, a review was right above the preview!
It must be the first time that a single site publishes review and preview of one game so close to each other.

rev203947d ago

I might have a game to buy for my wii since zelda which isnt a party game.

This will pass me over till mario kart as thats really the only game which i know will be awesome for years to come

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The story is too old to be commented.