Hands-On Preview: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - Electronic Theatre

The first thing that immediately noticeable upon beginning a race is that the handling is much more forgiving. Not quite to the point of an Arcade-style game with bouncing walls, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit does feel a tad closer in terms of vehicle performance to the Burnout series than that of Need for Speed SHIFT’s more simulation-style effort. This of course does afford Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit the ability to appeal to not only fans of the original 3D0 title and the more authentic Need for Speed games, but also those who have grown-up with the adrenaline-rush car culture fantasy of the Need for Speed: Underground titles.

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danelectro2898d ago

Yeah Im really looking forwar to this.

knifefight2898d ago

The only good NFS games are the ones with "Hot Pursuit" in the title so yes, me too.